History of TIS Inc.

Apr. 1971 Toyo Information Systems, Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Higashi-ku, Osaka (presently, Chuo-ku), and software development service operation was started
Dec. 1972 CS Tokyo Co., Ltd. was established (in 1989, CS Tokyo Co., Ltd was name changed to CST Co., Ltd. today's TIS Solution Link Inc.)
Aug. 1973 Headquarter bldg was completed in Suita-shi, Osaka (today's Osaka Data Center), full-scale operation of data center and online services was started
Oct. 1975 Merged with Toyo Computer Service Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1976 Toyo Data Service Co., Ltd. was established (in 1985, name changed to TIS System Service Inc.)
Dec. 1984 Tokyo Data Center's operation was started (today's Tokyo Ⅰ Data Center)
Nov. 1987 Listed in 2nd section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
Jul. 1988 Toyo Information Systems (USA) Co., Ltd. was established in California, U.S.A. (today' s TIS R&D Center, Inc.)
Feb. 1990 Listed in 2nd section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Sep. 1991 Shifted changed to 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange
Apr. 2000 Acquired stake in an information service subsidiary of Komatsu Soft Ltd. (today's QUALICA Inc.) , (in 2008, became affiliated company of ITHD)
Jan. 2001 The company's name was changed to TIS Inc. and the Tokyo Head office was relocated. The offices in Tokyo were consolidated into the new Tokyo Head office's bldg
Apr. 2001 Operation of Tokyo Ⅱ Data center and Tokyo Ⅲ Data Center were started
Feb. 2002 Acquired an equity stake in AGREX INC. (In 2008, became an affiliated company of ITHD)
Jun. 2003 TISI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary was established in Shanghai, China
Apr. 2004 Acquired an equity stake in UFIT Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2005 Acquired an equity stake in Asahi Kasei Information Systems Co., Ltd. (In 2008, became an affiliated company of ITHD, today's AJS Inc.)
Aug. 2007 The Representative Office of TIS Inc. in Beijing was established
Feb. 2008 Tianjin TIS Hi-tech Information System Service Co., Ltd. was established
Apr. 2008 IT Holdings Corporation, a holding corporation of TIS Inc. and INTEC Holdings, was incorporated
Jul. 2008 System Support Co., Ltd (established in 1971) and CSA Co., Ltd. (established in 1987) were integrated management (today's TIS System Service Inc.)
May 2009 "Shinsaibashi gDC", an urban data center, full-scale operation was started
Dec. 2009 The representative office of TIS Inc. in Ho Chi Minh City was established
Apr. 2010 Tianjin Binhai High-tech Internet Data Center in Tianjin, China, full-scale operation was started
Apr. 2011 TIS Inc., SORUN CORPORATION and UFIT Co., Ltd. were merged as "newborn TIS Inc."
Apr. 2011 The operation of GDC Gotenyama, an urban data center was started
Oct. 2011 The onsite service operations were consolidated into CST, and changed the company's name to TIS Solution Link Inc.
Dec. 2011 The Tokyo Head Office was relocated to Nishi-Shinjuku, the offices located in Tokyo area were consolidated
Jan. 2012 TISI (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was established
Apr. 2012 TIS System Service Inc. and System Support Co., Ltd. were merged and the former's name was retained
Jan. 2013 BM Consulting Inc. became TIS Inc.'s subsidiary, and changed the company's name to TIS Business Consultants Inc.
Apr. 2013 All subsidiary companies of TIS Inc. was unified to be named after TIS
May 2013 Shinsaibashi gDC was expanded, became Shinsaibashi gDC-EX and its operation was started
Oct. 2013 The Representative office of TIS Inc. in Jakarta was established
Jun. 2014 "I AM Consulting Co., Ltd," of SAP Total Solution Provider in Thai was acquired
Oct. 2014 TIS First Manage Inc. and TIS Solution Link Inc. were merged and unified to be named as "TIS Solution Link Inc."
Nov. 2014 TISI (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established
Jul. 2015 TIS Nagano Inc. was established
Apr. 2016 The data center "GDC Osaka" was started