Basic Direction on CSR

The management philosophy that permeates the TIS INTEC Group stresses TIS INTEC Group's development into a corporate citizen whose activities, hinging on the provision of various services utilizing IT, match its status as a leading corporate group. This philosophy also underpins TIS INTEC Group's efforts to raise corporate value, supported in this effort by the high regard of all its stakeholders, including clients and shareholders as well as employees and their families. TIS INTEC Group's stance on corporate social responsibility is evident in its commitment to cultivate a vibrant corporate culture that encourages the companies and individuals under TIS INTEC Group umbrella to work toward higher goals and embrace new challenges, to be honest and fair in business pursuits based on respect for the law, of course, as well as high moral standards, and to fulfill social obligations. This is TIS INTEC Group's basic direction on CSR.

Ensure sound, transparent management practices

Acknowledge responsibilities as a leading corporate group in the IT services industry and undertake sound corporate activities with integrity and clarity of purpose. In addition, be sincere and fair in dealings with all stakeholders.

Provide optimum services

Always provide the very best to clients and strive to raise customer satisfaction levels through excellent quality and technology built on the composite strengths of TIS INTEC Group.

Develop talent

Cultivate an environment in which employees always look ahead, striving to achieve higher goals and embracing new challenges. Provide opportunities to grow and realize personal goals, create a safe and productive work environment, and give everyone the freedom to reach their potential.

Respect the law

Maintain high corporate morals, obey the law and uphold parameters of socially acceptable conduct. Have absolutely nothing to do with antisocial forces.

Maintain fair business practices

Ensure an appropriate perspective on business transactions, based on fair and open competition.

Protect the environment

Recognize that environmental problems warrant universal attention and promote efforts to save resources and energy in the execution of corporate activities. Also, through IT services, support clients' efforts to enhance operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption, thereby contributing to lower environmental impact.

Contribute to society

Actively participate in community events as a corporate citizen whose social standing matches its leading industry status.

Be a part of the international community

Naturally, obey internationally recognized rules and local laws in the execution of cross-border projects, but also contribute to social and economic development in the countries where TIS INTEC Group maintains a presence by recognizing local culture and customs.

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