Group CSR Activities

The Basic Direction on CSR guides the TIS INTEC Group in all CSR activities, enabling the Group as a whole to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

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For the global environment

We actively integrate responses to environmental concerns in the course of business. At our most recently completed data centers, we have implemented measures to utilize renewable energy and resources, such as solar and geothermal energy, rainwater harvesting for non-drinking applications and outside air for cooling.

With the community

We participate in various volunteer activities, including the Ecocap Movement, which collects and sells plastic bottle caps to recyclers and donates the profits to buy vaccines for the world's children. In addition, we support efforts coordinated through the non-profit organization Good Earth Japan to remove landmines in war-torn regions and helping shattered communities rebuild.

With our shareholders

Coinciding with quarterly disclosure, we hold information meetings for analysts and institutional investors. For individual investors, we issue two business reports a year and regularly post business results and information updates on our website.

With our employees

To provide an environment in which employees can demonstrate their full potential and work in safety and comfort, each Group company reviews vacation and other entitlements and sets up programs to support employees' child-rearing efforts, such as access to daycare centers. Group companies also take steps to obtain "Kurumin" certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which recognizes companies for enabling employees to balance work and family responsibilities.


Performances by TIS INTEC Group's Friends of Music Society

TIS INTEC Group Gakuyukai (Friends of Music Society) is a registered ensemble comprising employees of the TIS INTEC Group and family of employees. It was formed in 2014 and plays mainly orchestral pieces and wind-instrument music. Participation is open to anyone in the Group, regardless of company connection, job or position within the organization, and each member of the ensemble draws on the individual qualities of his or her instrument to create beautiful music together.

The Friends of Music Society reflects the TIS INTEC Group's objective to be a good corporate citizen. Its activities began with lunchtime concerts in the building where several Group companies have their offices, and through opportunities to demonstrate the results of daily practice, such as performances at local recital halls, the ensemble will maintain an active schedule that brings enjoyment to Group employees, family and associates as well as people in the community.

Regular performance

Lunchtime concerts

Smile Kids Camp

Smile Kids Camp, an annual event organized by TIS, offers seriously ill and disabled children, along with their families and volunteers, a place where they transcend their differences — sickness and disability — and enjoy the prospect of a happy and healthy tomorrow.
The 2015 event was held up in the Nobeyama Highlands, in Nagano Prefecture, in October and drew together a crowd of 159 people: 27 families — a total of 103 kids and family members — and 56 volunteers (48 of whom were from TIS and other TIS INTEC Group companies). The three-day program included a hot air balloon ride, a big costume party, a treasure hunt and jack-o-lantern carving. The atmosphere was high-spirited, and everyone, kids and adults alike, enthusiastically took part in all the activities.
Participants commented that the event was not without its challenges but it was a great experience, that it was good to have gotten involved, and that it was a very emotionally moving experience.
Smile Kids Camp has a dual purpose. It gives seriously ill and disabled children and their families a respite from their daily struggles, and it also offers companies and their employees a valuable opportunity to understand the real significance of CSR and volunteer activities in our world. We will certainly continue this program.

Participating in Environmentally Friendly "Future City" Projects

Seeing the development of a society with a sustainable economy as a national strategy, Japan is promoting new technology and city-building initiatives that address environmental issues and the growing percentage of elderly in the population. The government selected 11 cities and regions, including the city of Toyama — where INTEC is headquartered — to be the sites of low-carbon cities of the future. In April 2012, the project in Toyama kicked off. INTEC has been involved in the project from the start. Using this project as a platform, INTEC is also working to turn smart city-related projects into marketable businesses, which could become growth sectors in the future. In January 2013, the company set up the Future City Promotion Dept. as the department responsible for smart city business and will accelerate efforts going forward. The company will continue to address progressive scenarios utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) in pursuit of solutions to city concerns.
In addition, INTEC joined others, including Nikkei BP and the city of Toyama in a program designed to increase the number of healthy seniors in the Toyama area. This program ran from September 2013 through March 2014, with its objective to get seniors living a more active life. The program verified a variety of ICT approaches that support good health and greater participation in society.

Outline of the program designed to increase the number of healthy seniors in the Toyama area.

In cooperation with the University of Toyama, INTEC is engaged in various demonstration tests of information and communication technology, such as augmented reality for light rail transit in the city of Toyama.

Taking Part in Asahi no Mori Forest Conservation Project

AJS Inc. supports the Asahi no Mori forest conservation project in the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture. This project is a joint effort between Asahi Kasei and Miyazaki Prefecture through which man-made forests no longer functioning economically are being replaced with broad-leaf trees native to the area to restore the natural ecosystem and the forest's groundwater recharge function.
Through its role in this project, AJS is actively helping to prevent global warming and preserve the natural environment while supporting the creation of a better environment in Miyazaki Prefecture where the company has an office. In March 2010, the first time that AJS took part, a total of 400 people planted 3,000 seedlings, mainly zelkova, wild cherry and maple, over an area of one hectare. This has become a yearly event for AJS since then, and the plan is to keeping planting trees and maintaining the reforested area with completion scheduled for 2020.

Thin Office Created from Comfort and Eco-Friendly Perspectives

Taking advantage of the head office relocation in 2012, QUALICA established a next-generation office environment dubbed "Thin Office," which utilizes the latest in information and communication technologies to make work easier and more comfortable for employees.
Thin Office represents a revolution in work style based on four office design concepts: workplace, collaboration, ubiquitous office and eco-friendly. Building on the experience gained in setting up at the new head office, QUALICA will strive for similar office design innovation at locations throughout Japan and plans extend the scope of Thin Office to representative offices abroad and offshore partners.

Improves utility and utilization efficiency in the office, mainly through free address configuration — non-territorial setup where employees are free to move to whichever desk they like — and use of a virtual desktop.

Reduces costs and boosts communication efficiency through unified communication tools, such as business chats and web conferencing.

Ubiquitous office
Strengthens approach to security through introduction of virtual desktop environment and identification solutions, and realizes access to in-house systems anytime and anywhere through BYOD ("bring your own device").

Large monitors and zero clients help lower electricity consumption and promote paperless office.

Support for the World's Children

AGREX has been involved in the Ecocap Movement since 2009. As of June, 2017, about 890,000 caps had been collected.

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