Disclosure Policy

From a perspective of enhanced management transparency through disclosure, TIS Inc. provides to shareholders and investors pertinent information that could influence investment decisions about the Company, including information conforming to the rules and regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company channels this information expeditiously through stock exchanges and makes it available for viewing on its own website.

Information Disclosure System

The Company has established a communication structure linking divisions as well as companies of the Group, and maintains a structure that facilitates timely and impartial disclosure of information in compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and rules and regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other important information.

Methods of Disclosure

In accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and rules and regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Company quickly enters pertinent information and other significant information into the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The Company quickly posts disclosed information on its website, as well, to ensure timely and fair disclosure, and vigorously complements disclosed information with data that is not necessarily required but that which may facilitate a greater understanding of the Company's activities and its strategies.
However, it is possible that information might become available to shareholders and investors viewing the Company's website before such information appears on TDnet. If shareholders or investors become aware of information ahead of its availability through TDnet and trade the Company's shares within 12 hours of the information becoming available on that system, they may be regarded as "primary information receivers" having violated the 12-hour rule for public announcements governed by insider trading regulations under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan. The Company therefore includes an explicitly worded note to alert website users of material information risk.

Undisclosed Material Information

At such times that the Company receives inquiries from any shareholder or investor, participates in interviews, or provides information through other channels, nothing will be revealed that has yet to be officially disclosed.

Quiet Period

The Company has set a certain period of time prior to the announcement of its financial statements as a quiet period. Please understand that the Company refrains from commenting on or answering questions about the settlement of accounts during this period so as to prevent inadvertent disclosure of information that might affect stock price.
However, if, during the quiet period, the Company realizes that fiscal results may deviate significantly from the performance estimates already announced, then the Company will disclose information in an appropriate manner.

Framework for Disclosing Information on Company Website

The Company utilizes its website to provide a variety of information to help shareholders and investors acquire a deeper understanding of the Group's activities. In principle, information disclosed on TDnet is posted on the Company's website as soon as possible thereafter. However, not all the information disclosed by the Company, including information uploaded to TDnet, will be found on the website. In addition, IT and data transmission malfunctions may cause a delay in posting.
When using the Company's website, please be fully aware of these issues and refer to "Disclaimer and Terms of Use" as well.

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