Proven track record as total system integrator
Solutions with depth and latitude

TIS has amassed solid results as a total system integrator catering to a wide range of industry and sectors within those industries. From infrastructure-building core systems to applications that hone a highly competitive edge and further to system-operating platforms, we have it all covered.
Experience accumulated over many years along with a thick portfolio of IT technologies translated into solutions that support our clients’ business pursuits and solve all sorts of issues from a management strategy perspective.

System integrator with responsibility for all IT strategies
Experience and skill backed by stellar reputation

To understand a client’s management strategies and incorporate them into an IT system and then guide that client toward stable operation of the developed system requires composite capabilities built on experience and skill. To date, TIS has successfully developed numerous mission critical systems and contributed to secure system operation, and this capacity as an independent, total system integrator gives more than 3,000 corporate clients an IT edge in pursuing respective business activities.

Reliable solutions underpinned by extensive specialization and high-level technological expertise

TIS has had a hand in the development of systems for clients in a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, distribution, energy and the public sector. Specialized knowledge of business processes inherent to each industry is vital, and expert know-how from a systems perspective is also essential. In addition, we have endeavored to share these technologies and capabilities laterally for application to a wider client base. We have created a portfolio of more than 200 solutions, which help corporate clients cultivate new business opportunities.

We're always thinking about “tomorrow” in the world of finance.

System development for the financial sector represents a large portion of our rich and varied track record. In developing systems, we are entrusted with clients’ valuable assets, a responsibility that demands we provide IT services of high reliability and high quality. At the same time, this sector is characterized by fast paced integration of different services, making it a most exciting sector. At TIS, we work as a team with each client, picturing what tomorrow’s financial business will be like and cutting a path for sophisticated IT applications that drive management strategies to successful results.

  • Credit card
  • Consumer finance
  • Banking
  • Life and non-life insurance
  • Leasing
  • Securities
  • Loans

We provide diverse, creative IT technologies that support lifestyles and industry.

Industries are realigning, new businesses are emerging, and lifestyles are changing—all at an amazing speed. The driving force behind this is none other than a fusion of IT technology and human ingenuity. TIS sees a future shaped by IT technology, based on an extensive and varied track record underpinned by services provided to date for clients across many industries. We will work as one with our clients to deliver solutions that not only contribute to innovations in business but also spur improvements in society.

  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Communications
  • Distribution/Services
  • Public Sector/Public Interest Groups

We support the business activities of our clients from the ground up through diverse platform services.

All information, in digital form, becomes an indispensably vital asset to clients in their business activities. Use of this information requires a platform. TIS supports clients’ business activities by providing high-level services not only under conventional on-premise environments but also under diverse platform environments, including various cloud options, such as private clouds and public clouds. We have the ability to provide a wide range of services, encompassing data center services which hinge on system operation know-how accumulated from our earliest days as well as managed services and business platforms.

  • Cloud
  • Platform
  • Security
  • Operation
  • Data center

Enhanced structure addresses local IT needs and realizes global alliances

As clients’ global strategies for business diversify, so does IT support, where flexibility is needed to fine-tune approaches more closely to local conditions. The TIS INTEC Group has built a presence in more than 50 countries and market areas, with a spotlight on Asia, and maintains a structure that ensures clients get the support they require.

  • Local support
  • Rollout
  • Offshore development
  • Research

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