Cloud Berkembang


Using the experience we have accumulated in the years of providing high-quality Cloud service in Japan and China, TIS has now launched "Cloud Berkembang"-a high-quality Enterprise Cloud service that will assist your business to bloom in Indonesia.

* berkembang = means "bloom", "evolve" in Indonesian.


Features of Cloud Berkembang

Cloud Berkembang supports your business in Indonesia covering the following Indonesian IT conditions.

Point 1

IT services provided to the public must have their systems maintained in a data center within Indonesia
(Government Regulation Number 82/2012)
Cloud Berkembang is a Cloud service with its infrastructure based in an Indonesian data center

Point 2

The lead-time (from order to delivery) for equipment procurement could easily take more than 2 months
Cloud service can be delivered in a minimum of 4 business days from application

Point 3

Cloud Berkembang uses a Tier-3 data center, proving high-quality based on DC Tier standards.
With our long years of DC operating experience, we have chosen with confidence a Tier-3 DC with Japanese equivalent quality

Cloud Berkembang is recommended for those who…

  • Want to start business using IT service in Indonesia
  • Want to make a quick business start
  • Seek reliable IT operations in Indonesia

There are also solutions for other IT related issues such as…

  • Want to SaaS the company's applications, but don't want to own infrastructure
  • Troubled with the burden on the company's IT operations team
  • Cannot assign infrastructure personnel offshores
  • Want to cut down on initial infrastructure costs

Service Image

  • Virtual machines can be used via the Internet line
  • If you don't have a clear view on the number of user quantity and data usage, start minimal. System resources are scalable and you can always increase them depending on your demand.
  • When environmental setting of a virtual machine is created, it will be saved as a template than can be reused accordingly.

Service Details

Cloud Berkembang provides the following services.

Basic Menu

Service provided with all the necessary functions in an All-In-One Price!

Service item Availability/Note
Redundant infrastructure Available (Included in basic charges)
Backup service *1 Available (Included in basic charges)
Internet Available (Included in basic charges)
Firewall Available (Included in basic charges)
Virtual machine OS *2 [Linux]
CentOS 6.4 (32bit/64bit)
Windows 2008 R2 (Standard/Enterprise)
Windows 2012 (Standard)
Service desk language Japanese and English
Service desk business hours Weekdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.(Indonesian time)

Service Plan

CPU 6 Core 4 Core 2 Core 1 Core
HD/Storage 300 GB 180 GB 100 GB 40 GB
Selectable OS Linux/Windows Linux/Windows Linux/Windows Linux
Global IP 1 1 1 1
Monthly Charge *3 770 USD/month 500 USD/month 400 USD/month 150 USD/month
One Time Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge


*1 Daily one-generation backup (Individual settings of the backup time cannot be made)
*2 As of August 2014 (Supporting virtual machine OS expanding. Please inquire for the latest information.)
*3 The following are included in the monthly charge:

  • Initial setup of virtual machine
  • Data center cost (Power/space/Internet line (Public line))
  • Daily backup
  • Hardware monitoring (Does not include monitoring of virtual machine OS and above layers)
  • Help desk and IaaS trouble support

Optional Services

VPN Connection Service

More secure communications will be available by connecting customer network and Cloud Berkembang via VPN.
(Monthly charge : 40USD~)

Individual Network Connection Service

Provides connection interface for direct connection between customer network and Cloud Berkembang.
(Monthly charge : 50USD~)

Redundant Line Implementation Service

Redundancy of the customer network (Internet connection) will be provided to create an environment with more availability.
Equipment required for redundancy will be provided from Cloud Berkembang, as well as performing setup.
(Monthly charge : 70USD + Internet service charge)

SaaS Lineup

Cloud Berkembang offers the following SaaS menu. (As of August 2014)
If you wish to use our services, please inquire from the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page.
Inquiries can also be made from each solution page.

*SaaS service menu will be expanded.
If you wish to SaaS your applications with Cloud Berkembang, contact us from the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page.


Shared-Secure-Storage is as Cloud service that allows file uploads and downloads via the Internet.
This service is reco

  • Want to access/edit files that are stored in your file server, even from out of the office.
  • Seeking an easier way to share files with customers.
  • Want ensured security for Cloud storage.
  • Want to implement Cloud service, but can't find a service that can clear audits.

Shared-Secure-Storage Service Image

  • File upload/download can be done via encrypted Internet communication
  • Access possible from mobile devices
  • Files and access can be managed from an easy-to-use browser screen
    e.g.) User creation, Access control management, Access log reference/download

This service can be used together with other Cloud Berkembang Optional Services (VPN Connection Service, Individual Network Connection Service etc.)

Shared-Secured-Storage Service Menu and Price Chart

Capacity 10 GB 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Monthly Charge 130 USD/month 190 USD/month 250 USD/month 320 USD/month
One Time Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge


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