Sharing of Personal Information in the TIS INTEC Group

Personal information handled by individual TIS INTEC Group companies may be shared within the Group companies.

1.Items of personal information shared

TIS INTEC Group companies shall only share the minimum items of personal information necessary to the conduct of business.

2. Scope of parties to sharing

TIS INTEC Group companies

3. Purposes of use

(1) Personal information on customers, suppliers, business partners, and similar stakeholders (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Clients”)

  • To respond to inquiries and orders from Clients
  • To provide information on, deliver, and enhance products and services handled by group companies
  • To provide information on seminars, product presentations, and exhibitions held or sponsored by group companies
  • To request questionnaires such as surveys of customer satisfaction

(2) Personal information about shareholders

  • To respond to inquiries and requests from shareholders and conduct similar activities

(3) Personal information about directors and employees of TIS INTEC Group companies

  • To perform personnel management, education/training, and other activities necessary to the group’s management
  • To enable the communications necessary to the group’s management and administration

4. Entity responsible for information sharing

TIS Inc.

5. Methods of acquisition

"Personal information" held by TIS INTEC Group companies shall be shared in written, electronic, and similar formats.
Appropriate security control measures shall be implemented to protect personal information when it is transferred between Group companies.

Inquiries regarding Sharing of Personal Information

Compliance Management Dept., Corporate Management SBU., TIS Inc.

Update : April 26, 2019, 14:57


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