Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, TIS Inc., declare below our basic policy for the appropriate protection of personal information and will implement and improve the management system for the protection of personal information established in compliance with JIS standard (JIS Q 15001:2017).


  1. We will comply with our internal rules for appropriate acquisition, use, and supply of personal information taking the content and scale of business into account. These provisions include the prohibition of handling of personal information beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of its use as well as the measures for that.
  2. We will comply with the laws, governmental guidelines, and other rules regarding the personal information.
  3. We will take appropriate measures to prevent and remedy any fraudulent access to personal information and any loss, destruction, alteration, and divulgence of personal information.
  4. We will respond to complaints and consultation regarding personal information.
  5. We will continuously improve the management system regarding the protection of personal information.

April 1, 2021
TIS Inc.
Yasushi Okamoto

Established on July 1, 2016, and revised on April 1, 2019

We acquired certification from JIPDEC on October 1, 1998, under the PrivacyMark System. The associated mark is granted to businesses in the private sector that actively and independently implement management systems to safeguard personal information.

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Compliance Management Dept., Corporate Management SBU., TIS Inc.


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