Promotion of Compliance

The president is the chief compliance system officer for the TIS INTEC Group, while the director responsible for compliance coordinates theconfirmation and evaluation of TIS and Group-wide compliance-related matters and the promotion of improvement measures.

Group Compliance Declaration

The Group Compliance Declaration states TIS INTEC Group's basic policy on compliance with regard to the Group's common organizational activities.

The Group Compliance Declaration

We, TIS INTEC Group constituent members as a good member of society, place the highest priority on compliance in any situation based on the respect for social norms, ethics and the culture, and strive to go beyond social norms and the expectations of society.

Yasushi Okamoto

Group Code of Conduct

We have established "Group Code of Conduct" to embody the standards for judgment and action.

Compliance Education

E-learning training is held annually for all officers and employees to deepen understanding of the Group Code of Conduct and affirm the content there of.

Regular Investigation of Code of Conduct Effectiveness and Implementation Results

TIS conducts an annual compliance awareness survey, confirming the extent to which the Group Code of Conduct has permeated.

Punishment of Noncompliance

Officers and employees who engage in noncompliance are subject to disciplinary action and legal measures in accordance with laws and regulations as well as our Articles of Incorporation and internal rules.

Establishment of Helplines


TIS maintains helplines available to all officers and employees, including contract staff and temporary staff, as well as retired employees andemployees at business partners, such as companies with contracts to supply products or services to TIS. These helplines (external and internal) can be accessed via email, telephone, or in person to get advice or report an issue in the event that actions within the Company arethought to violate laws, regulations, internal rules, or social norms or that the potential for such misconduct becomes known.
Every effort is made to ensure the privacy of helpline users. In addition, no one who asks for advice or makes a report to a helpline willsuffer any disadvantage in a professional sense. Lawyers with expertise specific to the issue raised or staff at the helpline desk will respond to requests for advice and, when necessary, the Company will be informed of situations, with the consent of the helpline user, to expedite asolution to the issue.


In addition to internal helplines at each Group company, TIS maintains an open channel for use by the TIS INTEC Group as a whole. Westrive to prevent, detect, and correct misconduct as early as possible, addressing various internal issues in an effort to strengthen compliance management.
When a compliance issue arises within TIS or a Group company, we work to resolve the issue primarily by establishing an InvestigationCommittee, investigating the cause, taking countermeasures, and also taking measures to prevent a recurrence.

chart of Group Compliance Structure

1. Number and content of helpline calls
Number of helpline calls

Content of helpline calls

  • The difference between “on the job” and “off the job”
  • Matter concerning notation on the in-house portal, etc.

*In every case, helpline staff worked with the relevant department to implement corrective actions and prevent recurrence, and reported actions as necessary to the helpline user.

2. Creating a comfortable and productive work environment for everyone
Preventing inappropriate behavior in the workplace helps to create and maintain a comfortable and productive work environment for everyone.
We will continue to find ways to make it easy to use the helplines as a safety net for those who have compliance-related concerns and find it hard to approach their supervisor for guidance.

Assuring Whistleblower Confidentiality and Anonymity

In addition to setting up a Group-wide helpline at TIS, we have established outside lawyers’ contact points at each Group company to create an environment that makes it easy to report and receive advice.
We take care to protect whistleblowers in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act. This includes ensuring the confidentiality ofinformation reported and being open to receiving anonymous reports.


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