Group Compliance

Group Compliance Declaration

The Group Compliance Declaration states TIS INTEC Group's basic policy on compliance with regard to the Group's common organizational activities.

The Group Compliance Declaration

We, TIS INTEC Group constituent members as a good member of society, place the highest priority on compliance in any situation based on the respect for social norms, ethics and the culture, and strive to go beyond social norms and the expectations of society.

Yasushi Okamoto

Group Compliance Structure

TIS established TIS INTEC Group Internal Control Committee to ensure appropriate compliance throughout TIS INTEC Group and to guide TIS INTEC Group in activities to further improve compliance practices.
In addition to internal helplines at each company under TIS INTEC Group umbrella, TIS maintains an open channel for use by TIS INTEC Group as a whole. These contact points enable the Company to deal with any internal issue in a fair and transparent manner.

chart of Group Compliance Structure


TIS maintains a helpline available to all directors and employees, including senior staff, contract staff and temporary staff, as well as retired employees in addition to employees at providers, such as businesses with contracts to supply products or services to TIS. This helpline can be accessed by email or telephone and meetings can also be arranged get advice or report an issue in the event actions within the Company are thought to violate laws, internal rules or social standards or the potential for such misconduct becomes known. 
Every effort is made to ensure the privacy of helpline users. In addition, no one who asks for advice or makes a report to the helpline shall suffer any disadvantage in a professional sense.
Lawyers with expertise specific to the issue raised or staff at the helpline desk will respond to requests for advice and, when necessary, management will be informed of situations, with the consent of the helpline user, to expedition a solution to the issue.

Whistleblower System

In January 2020, TIS obtained whistleblower system certification under the Whistleblowing Compliance Management System (WCMS).  
WCMS is a system through which Japanese companies evaluate their own whistleblowing programs and apply to have them registered. Each program undergoes a review by the designated registration organization—Japan Institute of Business Law—to determine if it meets certification standards. If the application is approved, the submitting company is registered and is granted the right to use the WCMS mark, which indicates that the business has in place an excellent management system to underpin compliance.


WCMS mark


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