As a comprehensive IT services provider, TIS helps clients make the switch to digital business.

TIS is a comprehensive IT services provider, meeting the needs of clients over a wide spectrum of industries and sectors with everything from core systems that support business to applications that lead to a sharper competitive edge and platforms that underpin systems. We draw on many years of accumulated experience and technologies to pinpoint issues that concern management at client companies and deliver solutions that anticipate latent needs. In this way, we help clients in their shift toward digital business.

Realizing cashless payment solutions offering greater convenience, safety and security for consumers

Cashless settlement — a payment option expected to become increasingly more diverse with greater use of smartphones, wearable devices and IoT devices. Platforms that ensure secure transfer of vital payment information will support this new society. PAYCIERGE, in our product portfolio, is a brand of retail payment solutions that deliver a high level of convenience in a structure offering greater security and peace of mind. We will take the lead in every era and create new ways to move money that will make life easier for people.

Creating society where AI and robots coexist with humans

Once upon a time, the presence of AI/robots was limited to the world of science-fiction. But today, that scenario is gradually becoming reality. At TIS, we provide the platforms that connect AI/robots with devices and effectively utilize evolving technologies. Through joint research with partners across industry, government and academic lines, we are shaping an environment that draws on the coexistence of humans and AI/robots to produce new added value. AI/robots complement human performance, and these combined capabilities might one day facilitate solutions to various social issues. We will guide the way toward a future where AI and robots coexist with people and are fully embraced by society.

Supporting global business expansion

All sorts of goods and services are exchanged today, crossing borders from providers to buyers thanks to the advent of the Internet. Businesses are on the move, as well, and this includes TIS. We are keen to hone a sharper competitive edge, mainly by securing local production points and the capabilities required to meet the needs of corporate clients seeking to establish a global presence. We are also emphasizing various strategies, such as drawing on accumulated know-how to cultivate new markets and applying advanced technologies from overseas to new solutions. We are working particularly hard to accelerate our presence in the ASEAN region. Our goal is to build a top-class, ASEAN-rooted alliance of IT companies.

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Update : April 28, 2021, 19:16