Messages from the President

Toru Kuwano

We will help solve social issues as an IT specialist with solid capabilities and a pervasive presence.

Currently, in Japan, IT investment is on a steady upswing and global business expansion activities are trending higher. Meanwhile, demand for new business models utilizing cutting-edge IT technology is rising. Companies are keen to demonstrate innovation through investment with an eye toward realizing a sustainable society and want to pursue solutions to social concerns through their business activities.
Against this backdrop, we seek to polish to a brighter shine all the capabilities we have accumulated across many industry sectors, including finance. We also seek to be a corporate group with IT-facilitated solutions to a wide variety of social issues, underpinned by the composite strengths of the Group and a global operating platform as well as insights acquired through experience in IT fields over more than 45 years. No longer is IT a simple tool for boosting efficiency and cutting costs. IT is playing a key part in the realization of a sustainable society, with the duty and responsibility we bear as an IT specialist becoming more critical.
Fueled by the catchphrase "Go Beyond," we will continue our efforts to build a solid presence in our key markets and establish ourselves as a corporate group with the capabilities to effectively contribute to the society of the future.

In April 2018
Chairman and President

Toru Kuwano

Update : April 26, 2019, 14:55


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