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When financial institutions assess a loan to a company, they analyze its financial statements and assign it financial ratings accordingly. In the process of analyzing the financial statements, no human judgement is usually involved and instead most of the financial institutions use a credit assessment system. But to take advantage of the credit assessment system, there remains some issues that need to be improved at the time of digitalizing data in financial statements, including time-consuming, laborious data entry process by human and consequential human errors.
On top of that, when that errors were caused by someone who lacks business process knowledge and experience, it brings up different issues in terms of corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

By using TIS Inc.'s OCR technology based proprietary digitizing system, SCORE LINK, even users without loan business expertise can seamlessly extract financial data from PDF formatted financial statements. As a result, users will achieve significant performance improvement from reduction in data input cost and from implementation of accurate audit trailing in credit examination procedure.

SCORE LINK is quite capable of importing financial statements not only the ones written in Japanese but also in English, thus providing high added value to many financial institutions. SCORE LINK has a stellar record of Japan's most implemented system of its kind.



SCORE LINK's 3 core competences

Point 1  The Japan's No.1 Financial Statements Importing System


SCORE LINK has the largest market share in Japan with over 260 customers.

It has earned a reputation as the "most reliable system" in Japan where high quality standards are expected for goods and services.

Point 2  Simple and cost reduction

SCORE LINK enables data extraction with few easy steps. It also enables data export to other systems.

To extract data from financial statements through OCR function, it requires only two steps --- (1) choose a file, (2) and select a pattern that reflects the data types and their layouts in the financial statement, and just scan.

When the selected financial statement is in English, the system performs OCR features very accurately by identifying account names and remarks as character strings, while numbers and figures as numerical strings.

Compared with human data entry process, you can reduce data entry time by 50%.


Point 3  Improves Corporate Governance, Security and Compliance Management

After the data in financial statements are digitized through OCR function, you can export some of selected statements into image files in various formats.
Also, by keeping these exported files as evidences, you could trace any data manipulation activities, thus, thwart any fraudulent activities.

SCORE LINK can contribute to your efforts to improve corporate governance and security and compliance management.




  • On-Site Training
  • Software implementation

System Prerequisites

  • Windows 7 SP1 Professional (32bit)
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

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