SCORE LINK -Foreign-language Ver.-

SaaS and XaaS versions has been added to the lineup with SCORE LINK (foreign-language Ver.) Ver. 3.2.

SCORE LINK (foreign-languageVer.) is a solution that makes foreign language accounts settlement documents more efficient. (“SCORE LINK” credit management solution series)
This solution can digitize the information of paper financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement).In particular, in addition to the reading function utilizing OCR technology, it has the account item dictionary that improves the item reading rate in multiple languages, and the function that can be corrected with the minimum operation and the tampering prevention function are also the features.



Point 1  The Japan's No.1 Financial Statements Importing System


SCORE LINK has the largest market share in Japan with over 300 costomers.

It has earned a reputation as the "most rellable system" in Japan and ASEAN where high quality standards are expected for goods and services.

Point 2  Simple and cost reduction

SCORE LINK enables data extraction with few easy steps. It also enables data export to other systems.

To extract data from financial statements through OCR function, it requires only two steps --- (1) choose a file, (2) and select a pattern that reflects the data types and their layouts in the financial statement, and just scan.

When the selected financial statement is in English, the system performs OCR features very accurately by identifying account names and remarks as character strings, while numbers and figures as numerical strings.

With an accounting terms dictionary and correction functionality incorporated, the solution enables a reduction by approx 70%, of the hours for entry of data compared to operating hours via manual entry in the past.


Point 3 Though significant improvement of the reading rate, accounts settlement document registration operations are made more efficient 

With an accounting terms dictionary and correction functionality incorporated that can improve the reading rate for accounting items just after OCR reading from approx. 40% to approx. 90%, the solution enables a reduction by approx.70%, of the hours for entry of data compared to operating hours via manual entry in the past.

Point 4  Accounting terms structure based on industry standards and accounting standards

This solution incorporates Japanese accounting standards know-how cultivated based on results of the introduction of SCORE LINK credit management solution to over 300 companies in Japan centering on financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, credit guarantee associations, etc., and also English accounting terms systematized on the basis of the results of introduction and use of SCORE LINK (foreign-language Ver.) in ASEAN countries.

As a compatible language, in addition to English and Chinese, Thai has also been newly added. The Thai version is provided with an accounting terms system based on the “TFRS for NPAEs *1” accounting standards in Thailand.

(*1) TFRS for NPAEs:Thai Financial Reporting Standards for Non-Publicly Accountable Entitie.

Point 5 Reinforced security with SaaS and XaaS version

In addition to provision of the standalone version, we added SaaS and XaaS versions to the lineup. The SaaS and XaaS versions realize reinforced security by such means as prevention of unauthorized installer program copies, or mitigation of risks of data removal by terminated employees.


System Prerequisites

  • On-Site Training

  • Software implementationation


  • OS

Windows 10 Professional (1903/1909)(64bit) English

  • Softwere
  1. .Net Framework 4.6.2 SP1 or later
  2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package(x86)
  3. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x86)
  4. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x64)

※1 All softwere is included in setup file.
※2 The softwere installation will be automatically started if they have not been installed/enabled on your computer.


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