Group Compliance Efforts

Group Compliance Declaration / Group Code of Conduct

TIS INTEC Group will place its highest priority on ensuring full compliance in every aspect of our group management. The Group will strive to perform corporate management while implementing thorough compliance measures.
To this end, all officers and employees of the Group are required not only to strictly follow applicable laws and regulations, Articles of Incorporation, internal rules and so forth, but also to perform corporate activities based on the sense of values and ethics expected of the Group as a corporate citizen in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

The Group Compliance Declaration states the Group's basic policy on compliance with regard to our common organizational activities.
On the other hand, the Group Code of Conduct represents specific standards for value judgments, which all officers, employees, and the TIS INTEC Group as a whole shall meet in order to fulfill our social corporate responsibilities by performing corporate activities with high moral standards, faithfully and fairly, in addition to ensuring full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Group Compliance Structure

TIS established TIS INTEC Group Internal Control Committee to ensure appropriate compliance throughout TIS INTEC Group and to guide TIS INTEC Group in activities to further improve compliance practices.
In addition to internal helplines at each company under TIS INTEC Group umbrella, TIS maintains an open channel for use by TIS INTEC Group as a whole. These contact points enable the Company to deal with any internal issue in a fair and transparent manner.

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