The TIS INTEC Group at a Glance

The TIS INTEC Group is a comprehensive IT corporate group supporting clients’ IT-related operations from all angles.
The Group is active across various sectors and meets the broad-based needs of clients through dominant mobilization capabilities and diverse human resources.

Three Strengths of the TIS INTEC Group

  1. Solid management platform
  2. Dominant presence in payment services domain
  3. Flexible management strategies and speedy decision-making thanks to independent status

TIS INTEC Group by the Numbers

Consolidated Net Sales
Consolidated Operating Income
Consolidated Operating Income to Net Sales Ratio
Consolidated ROE
Consolidated Equity Ratio
Number of Group Companies
Number of Employees, Consolidated
Number of Clients

Group Formation


For other group companies, please refer to "TIS INTEC Group".

TIS INTEC Group Value Creation Process

The TIS INTEC Group was formed in April 2008 as a leading, independent corporate group in the information services industry.
TIS took advantage of its transition to an operating holding company in July 2016 to accelerate uni ed Group management and today the Company leads the Group toward realization of Group Vision 2026 and sustainable improvement in corporate value.

TIS INTEC Group Value Creation Process

*Excerpt from "Integrated Report 2021"  P5,P6

IT Services Market Size

The information services industry, to which the TIS INTEC Group belongs, continues to see a gradual increase in demand. In 2020, the market showed 7% year-on-year growth, reaching a value of ¥12.9 trillion and establishing information services as an industry with a promising future to lead innovation and deliver solutions to social issues.

Going forward, with the number of companies embracing digital transformation (DX) on the rise, information service providers who support the DX process are likely to see further growth and wider market scale.

IT Services Industry Net Sales(Billions of yen)
Source: Materials created by Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association, based on Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry economic census for business activity and survey of selected service industries

IT Services Market Size

Positioning in the IT Services Market

TIS INTEC Group has cemented a position as a leading, independent prime contractor in Japan’s IT services industry— a market that is expected to continue growing against a backdrop of robust corporate demand for digital technology.

Net Sales
Operating Income,Operating Margin

* The full company names used in the above graphs (NTT Data, NRI, CTC, SCSK, UNISYS, and NSSOL) are: NTT DATA Corporation, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, SCSK Corporation, Nihon Unisys, Ltd., and NS Solutions Corporation. NTT DATA, CTC, and SCSK amounts are based on the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Examples of IT services in the TIS INTEC Group portfolio that help support clients’ businesses, the lifestyles of individuals and social infrastructure

Credit cards
Branded debit card-related
F3 (F Cube)
For Federation of National Health Insurance Associations
National address master file “ADDRESS”

*For details, please go to "Integrated Report 2021" page 7.

TIS INTEC Group Value Creation Process

We will balance efforts to realize a sustainable society with efforts to achieve sustainable improvement in corporate value by leveraging unifi ed Group management.

TIS INTEC Group Value Creation Process

Business Activities and Composition of Sales by Business Segment

From the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, TIS applied new management approach and changed business segment.

Offering Service Business Configures services through own investment based on best practices accumulated groupwide and provides knowledge-intensive IT services
Business Process Management Addresses issues related to business processes with IT technology, business know-how and skilled human resources to provide more sophisticated, more efficient outsourcing services
Financial IT Business Considers business and IT strategies together and leverages both, and supports business progress using expert business and operating know-how specific to the finance industry
Industrial IT Business Considers business and IT strategies together and leverages both, and supports business progress using expert business and operating know-how specific to industry sectors other than finance
Regional IT Solutions Provides IT professional services extensively, across regions and client sites, and collects and develops this know-how as the source of solutions to support efforts to address issues and promote business activities
※Fiscal 2022
※Fiscal 2022 figures have been recalculated and reclassified according to the new segment breakdowns for comparison purposes.

Composition of Net Sales by Client Sector

※Fiscal 2022


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