With a high level of specialization, we provide optimum IT services to clients across various industries and sectors within these industries.

TIS provides a wide range of services and products, from core systems that support business operations to applications that hone competitiveness and platforms that underpin systems. We identify management issues for our clients and present IT solutions that anticipate latent needs.

Financial inclusion

TIS is involved in the development of systems that realize secure and smooth cashless payments. For example, behind the convenience of instantaneous payment with the simple scan of a QR code, is an enormous amount of data sent and received. We support that seamless flow of data. In addition, we draw on our strength in payment services to tackle financial inclusion, which enables individuals and businesses to make deposits and remittances and have access to loans and other financial services even without a bank account so that no one is left behind in the advance of financial services due to poverty or discrimination.

Smart city

Big cities are attracting people, while rural areas are becoming depopulated. Each situation presents issues in need of solutions, and the smart city concept utilizes the latest advances, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and information, communication and technology (ICT), to promote solutions and ensure the best urban management. For example, the collection of city data in real time provides feedback on the status of facilities and equipment, which has a wide variety of applications, such as keeping urban infrastructure running in optimum condition, allocating certain types of work to robots and executing disaster response measures. TIS will contribute to the realization of smart cities with specialized technology for controlling and connecting robots through information-gathering platforms and feedback access.


Electricity is indispensable to our lives. TIS supports efforts as a partner in renewable energy production, such as solar power, which has minimal impact on the environment, and energy produced locally for local users. In addition, we provide IT for smart grids, which balance supply and demand to control the flow of electricity and thereby ensure efficient transmission of power when and where needed. The environment surrounding the energy sector is changing, and against this backdrop, access to electricity at any time without variability in service is made possible because of IT. With many years of system experience, TIS demonstrates acquired insights to the fullest degree to support the future of energy.

Health care

People should live in good health for as many years as possible. Today, with so many people living to 100, efforts to promote good health are of urgent consequence. Toward this end, TIS builds systems for sharing the results of health checks and information used by medical institutions. With access to effective and accurate examination data, doctors and other healthcare providers can create programs to promote health as required. Also, with centralized access to information, such as daily exercise records and mealtime photos, healthcare providers can offer advice and support that helps people live healthy lives. By combining our own strength in IT with the knowledge that medical institutions and healthcare-related companies possess, we will contribute to the realization of a society in which people live healthier lives.


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