TIS INTEC Group Logo

Corporate Name

Our corporate name represents highlights "IT" and our intention to be a leading force in this industry and accepting the vital responsibility of a services provider to support social infrastructure.

TIS INTEC Group Logo


The block formation of the logo evokes the image of a tightly knit team, powered forward by different sets of expertise that each member of the TIS INTEC Group brings to the whole. The rounded corners are an expression of the warmth and feeling that infuses groupwide efforts to be a partner in pursuing solutions to client issues.
The logo features our two main corporate colors: “ocean blue” for the new challenges that we are constantly tackling, and “intelligent gray” for the solid technological foundations that underpin our business.

Brand Message

In our brand message, we convey our goal to be a corporate group that addresses social issues and creates new value as a mover using digital technology, which is integral to OUR PHILOSOPHY—the philosophy that guides the TIS INTEC Group.

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Update : April 28, 2021, 19:13