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Yasushi Okamoto

It is our mission to be a mover creating a brightly colored future.

My name is Yasushi Okamoto. I recently assumed the position of president and representative director at TIS.
Today, in this new normal, many companies are keen to address issues around business expansion and business succession by embracing new innovation fueled by digital transformation, dubbed “DX”. Against this backdrop, the TIS INTEC Group is emphasizing service-style business to respond to client concerns with all due speed while tackling various social issues and working toward a sustainable society.
The TIS INTEC Group can trace its beginnings back more than 50 years. Over this time, members of the Group have amassed a solid track record in building IT systems for clients in many different industries, including the finance sector. Our strength as a corporate group lies in our composite capabilities as IT professionals in creating systems and consistently providing these systems to our clients. But of our various capabilities, the considerable know-how we have accumulated in the area of payment settlement—vital to all types of businesses these days—is really front and center. In recent years, we have promoted the use of many systems and services that hinge on cashless operations.
In addition, social issues that require a response from us are not limited to those in Japan but rather extend worldwide. In the ASEAN region, which is experiencing particularly rapid growth, we will contribute to the creation of solutions to social issues by vigorously pursuing joint activities with local companies, especially in Thailand and Indonesia.
Going forward, we will continue to share the sense of values embodied in OUR PHILOSOPHY (TIS INTEC Group Philosophy) and promote unified Group management while striving to become a mover creating a brightly colored future.

In April 2021

Yasushi Okamoto


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