Data Center Business

TIS INTEC Group has over 20 data centers in major cities, including Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Toyama in Japan. TIS INTEC Group utilizes data centers all over the country to provide robust and secure environments that clients can keep their valuable data.

Three Features of Data Center Business

1. High-Quality Service Centers

TIS INTEC Group has a track record and know-how accumulated through round-the-clock operation of mission critical systems over more than 40 years. Our data centers provide comprehensive services, including secure system operation, and also function as control centers targeting overall system operation.

2. Business Continuity for Clients through Japan's Largest Data Center Network

Today, with IT systems being so much of a corporate lifeline, system downtime can have a hugely adverse effect on corporate activities. Data centers have therefore attracted attention as a practical component of disaster recovery plans to keep IT systems working seamlessly should that one-in-a-million off-line situation arise.
TIS INTEC Group has built a network of both urban style centers conveniently located in big cities and remote centers to underpin disaster recovery efforts, which facilitates optimized responses to client needs.

3. Highly Reliable Cloud Environment Platform

Our highly reliable, highly accessible data centers can be used by clients as their own cloud service facilities.
We provide public and/or private cloud environments as well as combinations—hybrid clouds—along with smart device responses that clients can use with confidence.
We offer total support, from consulting through configuration, installation and operation, to give clients a cloud environment perfectly matched to their requirements.

The TIS INTEC Group's Data Center Business Network


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