Purpose of Disclosure

The information on this Website is for information purposes only and should not be taken as solicitation to buy or sell shares in the Company. Users of this Website may only browse and collect information and may not engage in any other activities, including but not limited to duplication and forwarding, without the prior consent of the Company.

Forward-Looking Statements

The information on this Website may contain forward-looking statements, such as performance forecasts. Any information that is not historical fact at the time of disclosure is based on data current at the time of posting and reflects certain assumptions and beliefs deemed reasonable to management. Such forward-looking statements involve various risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to be materially different from stated expectations.

Investment Decisions

When making any investment decisions, investors should exercise their own judgment after careful examination of available documents. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for losses or damages even if those consequences derive from inaccuracies contained in the information and content of this Website.

12-Hour Rule

Information on this Website may be considered "important facts" under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the Securities Listing Regulations established by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Also, individuals who gain knowledge of such information through this Website may be regarded as recipients of unpublished material information, as defined under Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, which sets out conditions to prevent insider trading. However, publication will be deemed to have occurred under the following situations, and the recipient of important facts will be excluded from the scope of the aforementioned insider trading rules if

  1. Twelve hours have passed since the relevant information was disclosed to two or more media outlets, as set forth under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Article 30, Paragraph 1.
  2. The relevant information has been provided to financial instruments exchanges for public viewing by electronic methods described by cabinet order (Financial Instruments Exchange Law Enforcement Order).

About this Website

All copyrights associated with the written materials on this Website belong to the Company or the respective owners of such written materials and, except where permitted under Japan's Copyright Law, these materials on this Website may not be used (including but not limited to duplicating, altering, selling, distributing, displaying, uploading or licensing) without obtaining the prior consent of the Company.
Information provided on this Website, including that about products, services and technology, is protected by copyright laws as well as, international treaties, patent laws and other laws and regulations associated with international property rights.
Access to copyrighted materials through this Website does not constitute the transfer of patent rights, registered designs or any other type of intellectual property rights, such as those on inventions and designs covered by copyrights, nor does it constitute the licensing or granting of rights based on such intellectual property rights.
The written materials on this Website are provided "as is", and the Company makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of the content therein.
Names, including those of the Company or any other company, as well as associated products and services quoted and/or referenced on this Website are tradenames, trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company or of the respective corporate owners.
However, if a trademark notice (credit) is displayed on each page of this Website, please adhere to the content of that notice.

About the information on this English site

The information on this English site has been translated from the information on the Japanese site for reference purposes only. If there is any difference between the information in Japanese and English, the Japanese information will be treated as correct.

The above has been extracted from Disclaimer and Terms of Use for this website. Please read Disclaimer and Terms of Use as well.


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