IR Policy

Purpose of IR Activities

As part of its pursuit of fair and transparent management, the Company engages in investor relations activities in order to fulfill its accountability obligations to not only the shareholders who entrust management to it, but also to investors, securities analysts, and capital market participants in general. By engaging in proper disclosure and constructive dialogue through its investor relations activities, the Company also aims to promote understanding of the Group, develop long-term trusting relationships, and earn fair valuations of its corporate value.

Basic Policy on IR Activities

Recognizing that investor relations activities are an important element of its management activities, the Company is committed to fulfilling its accountability obligations to shareholders, investors, securities analysts, and other capital market participants and to building trusting relationships based on full communication achieved through ongoing conscientious and positive engagement in investor relations activities.
To promote understanding of the Group, the Company will endeavor to disclose and explain its management policies, details of its business operations, business strategies, earnings performance, finances, and other corporate information in a timely, fair, accurate, and clear manner by participating in interviews and responding to inquiries pertaining to investor relations, holding earnings briefings and small meetings, and engaging in other such activities. Opinions and other feedback on the Group obtained through constructive dialogue will be shared within the Company through reports to the Board of Directors and similar channels, and will be used for purposes such as reviewing the Company's management strategies.

Basic Policy on Disclosure

1. Disclosure Standards

To ensure transparency by promoting information disclosure, the Company discloses material information that could influence investment decisions, including information disclosed in conformance with the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (meaning information on decisions made by the Company, occurrences of material facts, and business results and similar information; the same applies hereinafter). In addition to the above, the Company also discloses, to the extent possible, information judged useful for furthering understanding of the Company and the Group.

2. Information Disclosure System

The Company has developed a communications structure linking divisions and member companies of the Group, and it has established a structure for disclosing material information that could influence investment decisions, including information disclosed in conformance with the securities listing regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, in a fair and timely manner. The Company is committed to rigorous information management and preventing insider trading.

Information Disclosure System

3. Methods of Disclosure

The Company discloses corporate information that is required by securities listing regulations to be disclosed in a timely manner by registering such information in the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Corporate information that is required to be disclosed by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law is disclosed through the Electronic Disclosure for Investors' NETwork (EDINET) operated by the Financial Services Agency. Such information is also promptly published on the Company's website.
The Company endeavors to disclose corporate information other than the above in a fair and timely manner through its website. Please note, however, that individuals who view information published on the Company's website may be regarded as "primary information receivers" and violate the 12-hour rule under the insider trading regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law if they trade shares in the Company within 12 hours of such information being released.

4. Spokespersons for Investor Relations Activities

To ensure the accuracy of information and fairness of disclosure, the spokespersons for investor relations activities engaged in by the Company shall, in principle, be the president and the relevant directors, executive officers, and personnel with responsibility for investor relations. And, directors (including external directors), Audit & Supervisory Board Members, other officers and employees may have responsibility for acting as spokespersons as the need arises.

5. Yet-to-Be-Released Material Information

To avoid "selective disclosure" to specific parties, the Company will not make any reference to yet-to-be-released material information when responding to inquiries, participating in interviews, or providing information through other such channels to shareholders and investors. If the Company does unintentionally disclose yet-to-be-released material information to a specific party or such information is disclosed by a third party ahead of disclosure by the Company, the Company shall disclose the information in a timely and appropriate manner.

6. Quiet Period

The Company observes a "quiet period" for a certain period of time prior to the release of its financial statements. The purpose of this is to prevent leaks of information on its financial results and to ensure the fairness of disclosure. Please note that the Company refrains from commenting on or answering questions about its financial results during this period. If, however, material facts that need to be announced occur during this period, the Company will disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

7. Response to Rumors, etc.

The Company will not, in principle, comment on rumors, reports, and other such information circulating in regard to the Company and the Group. If it is found that such information could have a significant impact on the capital markets and facts need to be clarified, however, the Company will disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.

8. Earnings Forecasts, etc. by Third Parties

The Company will not, in principle, comment on any opinions, recommendations, earnings forecasts, or other judgments or conclusions expressed concerning the Company or the Group by third parties. The Company may, however, identify any conspicuous factual errors or mistakes that they may contain.

9. Framework for Disclosing Information on Company Website

The Company utilizes its website to provide a variety of information to help shareholders and investors acquire a deeper understanding of the activities of the Company and the Group. In principle, information disclosed on TDnet is posted on the Company's website as soon as possible thereafter. However, not all the information disclosed by the Company, including information uploaded to TDnet, will be found on the website. In addition, IT and data transmission malfunctions may cause a delay in posting.
When using the Company's website, please be fully aware of these issues and refer to "Disclaimer and Terms of Use" as well.

Established: April 1, 2018
Revised: December 24, 2021


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