Group Vision

Background to New Group Vision

In 2017, TIS announced Group Vision 2026, describing a corporate ideal to be achieved by 2026 under the catchphrase "Create Exciting Future." Seven years on, in 2024, with good progress toward targets stated in the medium-term management plan and adjustments made in recent years to address major changes in internal and external environments, a decision was made to define a new group vision looking 10 years into the future, even though Group Vision 2026 was still in play, because prevailing conditions require TIS to reorient operations groupwide along a long-term trajectory, and draw on the combined efforts of all employees throughout the Group in working toward a reimagined corporate ideal and sustainable improvement in corporate value. The new group vision provides that unified direction.

External Environment

Heightened uncertainty in competitive circles, fueled by technology development and growing interest in SDGs

  • Technologies with potential to change business models, industrial structures and state of society over next 10 years will enter practical stage one after another.
  • Various services utilizing these technologies will be required as measures to address social issues become more top-priority for companies.
  • Related to this, opportunities to co-create and compete with various players, including those from other industries, are increasing.

Internal Environment

Good progress toward medium- to long-term management objectives but need to revise targets, given changes in external environment

  • Generally exceeded targets stated in Medium-Term Management Plan (2021-2023)
  • Progress on strategic domain ratio set under group vision tracking as expected
  • Various activities at nascent stage, like buds ready to blossom, so need rethink corporate position and set new targets given changes in external environment but based on these emerging activities

Group VISION 2032

The theme "Society oriented, operationally diverse, globally active" embodies our aim to be a progressive, global IT group that demonstrates a social quality along with innovative capabilities. Seeking to solve social issues, we will actively utilize innovative technology and embrace expertise from different industries while leveraging the benefits of business diversification and global operations to fuel business innovation and market creation.

Business policy guiding progress toward successful conclusion

Seek to possess insight into future and ability to solve issues, integrate capabilities of various players, maintain position conducive to co-creation, and be indispensable to social change

  • Deepen dialogue with market by engaging top companies in co-creation and providing services that will dominate market, and acquire insight into real issues of concern to clients
  • Be a corporate group that extends accumulated power of integration to future-matched approaches, such as greater cooperation across different industries, improves methods for solving issues, and constantly creates social innovation on world stage

Strategic Domains

Strategic domains define unique business activities with the potential to fuel sustained growth of the TIS INTEC Group, and each segment will strive to develop and create markets with the best mix of services from strategic domains, based on market characteristics.

[Social Innovation Service]
Business where TIS INTEC Group directly offers solutions to social issues in line with stated social impact indicator

[Co-Creation Business]
Business combining respective strengths of TIS INTEC Group and co-creation partners in areas beyond those where the Group maintains presence to create new markets

[Strategic Partnership Business]
Business providing various need-matched resources to companies in industry top class as strategic partner and supporting client companies' business growth and corporate reforms

[IT & Business Offering Service]
Business providing services with potential to be de facto standard of the future, using technology and know-how accumulated by TIS INTEC Group and anticipating needs of specific industries and operations

Strategic Domains: Desired Composition

Strategic Partnership Business(SPB) and IT & Business Offering Service(IOS) domains will be much bigger, new Co-Creation Business(CCB) and Social Innovation Service(SIS) domains will have grown to certain size, and business portfolio will be well-balanced mix of diverse business models.

* Strategic domain ratio reached 61% in fiscal 2024, but because of stricter scrutiny paralleling a review of strategic domains for the new medium-term management plan, the ratio was reassessed at 48% under a new standard, with new target for fiscal 2027 based on this standard as well.


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