Group Vision

Group Vision 2026

To raise corporate value even higher through the efforts of executives and employees alike throughout the Group, we formulated a new Group vision that looks ahead to 2026 and the image that we want the Group to project.
“Create Exciting Future” is overall picture for 2026 and it guides us in business innovation utilizing advanced technology and know-how and fuels the creation of new markets. Our goal is to be a strategic partner to our clients, and we will consistently┬ástrive to improve existing industry and markets while trailblazing new markets as well.

Overall Picture: The Group in 2026

Overall Picture: The Group in 2026

Overall Picture for 2026

Overall Picture for 2026

Utilize advanced technologies and know-how to realize business innovation and market creation

Seeking Position on Global Stage

  • Be seen by leading companies in different industries as having an appealing presence, always trusted as a strategic partner
  • Always embrace reform in existing industries and markets, and earn reputation as market-creating innovator
  • Transcend the limits of an IT enterprise and be a leading company under a new market concept
  • Be proud of high profile and showcase solid standing as a corporate group chosen by clients, society, employees—everyone

Strategic Domains

  • Strategic partnership business: Lay both a revenue base and a technology/know-how base
  • IT offering services: Prior-investment business as pillar of profit
  • Business function services: Recognized as Group forte, driver of growth
  • Frontier market creation business: Driver of explosive growth through creative destruction

2026 Ideal: Group Management and Key Resources

2026 Ideal: Group Management and Key Resources

Corporate Culture

  • Enterprising and bold corporate group that encourages free thinking and the pursuit of new challenges without fear of failure
  • A corporate group that instills pride in each and every employee under its umbrella, which motivates and enables employees to achieve personal growth

Human Resources

  • Consultants who work with clients to formulate business strategies
  • Service producers who turn industry knowledge and business know-how into marketable products
  • Intrapreneurs (in-house entrepreneurs) who are able to plan, kick-start and move new businesses forward
  • High-level technical engineers whose quality and productivity support successful participation in strategic domains


  • Have access and utilize various leading-edge technologies, including technology in anticipation of latent client needs
  • Apply business know-how accumulated across various industries through activities with companies at the top of the industry
  • Have know-how that draws on external resources, such as alliances and M&A
  • Accumulate and share high-level production technology that forms the basis to underpin strategic domains

Revenue Model

  • Shift from structure dependent on labor-intensive revenue model in favor of revenue model hinging on prior investment, which will be a driver of Group profit
  • Establish several revenue structures, covering business revenue, consolidated/ equity-based profit for jointly run operations, and dividend income


  • Emphasize overall optimization of the entire Group and medium- to long-term perspective
  • Quick decision-making
  • Continuous management system reform


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