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The TIS INTEC Group introduced the Social Value Improvement Program in 1996 with the aim of building the quality and future of the Group as well as improving its social value. The Pilot Session (Management committee consisting of seven management executives, including the TIS Chairman, TIS President, and INTEC President, as well as GIM researchers) has been leading the program since its inception toward improved management. The committee discusses and makes decisions on management issues of all sorts in the area of organizational management (qualitative field) in order to strengthen the Group's foundation.

Pilot session @ GIM Main Lab

The Social Value Improvement Program is a collaborative effort based upon a strong relationship of trust with the Gray Institute of Management (GIM), a specialized research institute in the field of organizational management, which guides corporate and management reform. This collaboration with GIM brings new knowledge and expertise to the management of the TIS INTEC Group, as well as a broad social perspective, and contributes to the improvement of the Group's governance. Ongoing programs such as this consistently breathe new life into the TIS INTEC Group's management by bringing a sense of timelessness and sociality.

Pilot session @ GIM ANNEX

Significant progress is steadily being made each month in the lively discussions that take place in the pilot sessions. Decisions are communicated via the processes of research, discussion, and consensus. For example, the Group's values as seen in OUR PHILOSOPHY were defined via the exchange of the thoughts of management and the knowledge of GIM.

Workshop for those in management

We also have an integration program where we share ideas from the pilot sessions with all constituent members of the Group. The main way we do this is via workshops for all constituent members. Courses are designed for effective idea-sharing, with programs offered at different levels, such as for management or general employees, as well as programs for select employees across levels. Workshops are also run in collaboration with GIM, and are seamlessly coordinated with pilot sessions, allowing for bi-directional information-sharing and leading to highly specialized and integrated program management. Pilot session members also participate in core programs.

The more we define and direct our corporate actions and activities, the clearer our existence as a group becomes, and we will continue to ensure the quality and future of the Group via the sharing and implementation of these activities by our constituent members. The Social Value Improvement Program is the foundation of TIS INTEC Group management and will continue to evolve.

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