For us, facing society is tradition

In recent years, expectations and demands for corporate social responsibility have been growing. This is an international trend, and for globally active companies in particular, the difference in their ability to respond in this respect will have a significant impact on their very existence. As an example, SDGs, which are sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015, are now becoming a code of conduct that no company, not only global companies, can afford to ignore. And since 2006, ESG Principles for Responsible Investment have been prioritized when investing in companies. Up until that point, the focus in evaluating a company had been on its economic value, and little attention had been paid to its social value.

In anticipation of these social trends, the TIS INTEC Group began its Social Value Improvement Program in 1996. The basic policy behind these activities is centered on the CPS management model (Culture-oriented: respecting the culture of the country or region where the company is located, People-based: focusing on people, Social-perspective: aiming to improve sociality), which is our business management platform. We have been guided by the belief that a company must be a good member of society. We pursue the social value of the Group by comprehensively being humane and ethical in our business activities, and by taking corporate social responsibility one step further in viewing it as the role of our company in society. The CPS management model is a philosophy that embraces efforts to take into account corporate social responsibility, such as ESG and SDGs. For us at the TIS INTEC Group, facing social challenges and facing society itself is tradition and is a natural part of our business management.


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Update : October 17, 2023, 14:54