TIS INTEC Group Management Platform

TIS INTEC Group has a clear business management platform. It can be referred to as our business management model.
It is constructed with "social," "humanistic," and "rational" approaches in order to allow TIS INTEC Group to actively progress toward its mission, based on the fundamental and underlying concept that the corporation is "a social system that aims for happiness" and engages in value exchange with stakeholders.
Let's take a look at the two models within the platform.

TIS INTEC Group Management Platform

3V Management Model

3V Management is the basic management platform at TIS INTEC Group. It is a management model centered on the encouragement of Values (Value-based management), Vision (Vision-based management), and Vitality (Vitality-based management), named the 3Vs.
Value-based management clarifies the group values and conducts activities centered on those.
Vision-based management clarifies our company's ideal future form, or vision, to orientate the business management resources and energy of the constituent members toward the realization of this.
Vitality-based management increases the organizational vitality and moves the company forward through the formation of a culture that shares these values and proceeds toward the vision.
TIS INTEC Group aims to give the group's quality and future more certainty with 3V Management at its foundation.

CPS Management Model

TIS INTEC Group places a great deal of importance on "CPS" in the management of its business.
CPS is an acronym for Culture-oriented, People-based, and Social-perspective. It refers to business management that is based on and respects the culture of the country or region where the company is located, is centered and focused on people, and intends to improve sociality.
CPS provides a clear understanding of how company should function naturally and conduct itself as a public instrument. It encompasses the areas on which a corporation must focus within society, in other words, the environment, human rights, legal compliance, and governance. Some examples of these areas include CSR, SDGs, and ESG.
CPS in TIS INTEC Group not only represents the norms for our business management but also the obligations we have toward society as a whole.


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