ESG Databook

The TIS INTEC Group publishes the ESG Databook to provide comprehensive and detailed non-financial information for stakeholders.


1.TIS INTEC Group Sustainability Promotion
  1.1. TIS INTEC Group Philosophy:OUR PHILOSOPHY
  1.2. Sustainability Management
2. ESG Issues:Governance
  2.1. Corporate Governance
  2.2. Internal Control Promotion
  2.3. Compliance
  2.4. Information Security and Personal Information Protection
  2.5. Quality Control and Production Innovation
  2.6. Tax Affair
3. ESG Issues:Environment
  3.1. Environment
4. ESG Issues:Social
  4.1. Human Capital
  4.2. Human Rights
  4.3. Supply Chain
  4.4. Corporate Social Responsibility
5. External Evaluation
6. Nonfinancial Data
  6.1. TIS INTEC Group Nonfinancial Data
  6.2. TIS Employee Data
  6.3. TIS Officer Data
  6.4. Independent Assurance Report
7. Table concerning Compliance with the Cabinet Office Order on Disclosure of Corporate Affairs, Etc.


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