Stakeholder Dialogue

The TIS INTEC Group will continue enhancing ESG-related management of its corporate activities in line with its Basic Policy on Corporate Sustainability while striving to improve its performance. To achieve our Mission (“To brightly color the future as a mover”), which is part of OUR PHILOSOPHY, TIS INTEC Group philosophy, we will help resolve social issues through our business and communicate the benefits of these efforts as social values and ensure that they take root both internally and externally.


2022 Progress of Sustainability Initiatives

  • Date: Thursday, June 16, 2022
  • Attendees:
    [Outside experts]
    Ms. Arisa Kishigami (ESG specialist)
    [TIS Inc.]
    Masakazu Kawamura (Executive Officer, Division Manager of Corporate Planning SBU/Director responsible for promotion of corporate sustainability)
    Reiko Oka (Executive Officer, Department Manager of Corporate Planning Dept. and Deputy Division Manager of Corporate Planning SBU)


Participation in Stakeholder Engagement Programs

  • Period: July 8–September 30, 2021
  • Host:Caux Round Table Japan


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