Materiality-Related Initiatives and Targets

Risks, Opportunities and Promotion Strategies Related to Materiality

We are improving the effectiveness of our materiality initiatives by focusing on more specific actions through analyzing the impacts that the Group aims to reduce and identifying opportunities for each identified materiality theme.
We are also working to achieve sustainability management through the execution of Medium-Term Management Plan.

Materiality themes Impacts to be reduced Opportunities to be seized
1. Create a society in which diverse human resources are engaged and thrive • Labor shortages that reduce productivity
• Inability to input the necessary human resources causing business growth to be impeded
• Lack of technology for new areas
• Less creativity and imagination among employees
• Less intra-Group and intra-organizational synergy
Boost value creation capacity
• Enhance innovation abilities
• Secure human resources
• Boost productivity through greater employee engagement
2. Create a comfortable society through innovation and • Opportunities lost through stagnation of R&D, etc.
• Weak framework for considering new business causing lost business opportunities
• Environmental burden triggering natural disasters, which in turn damage social infrastructure
• Changes to environmental regulations
Construct a sustainable profit model
• Shift to a better profit structure
• Market growth
• Global environmental protection and climate change adaptation
3. Create a safe society through high-quality services • Productivity and quality reduced due to lack of manufacturing capacity
• Deterioration in business sentiment causing customers and business partners to go bankrupt and existing customers to fall away
• Lack of understanding of technological trends and customer needs, among other deficiencies, creating the risk of providing services of inappropriate quality and safety, and reducing competitiveness
• Information leaks and cyberattacks
• Intellectual property lawsuits
Boost market competitiveness
• More attractive products and services
• Optimization of manufacturing costs
• Responses to country risk and technological advance
4. Enhance corporate governance and earn the trust of society • Group governance deficiencies causing vulnerabilities (compliance, risk management, and IT governance)
• Fund planning failures
• Credibility affected by fraudulent transactions
Enhance corporate credibility
• Better management quality
• Eradication of misconduct

Materiality-Related Initiatives

The Group promotes initiatives across its major companies for each materiality identified.
Below are some examples of specific initiatives.

Materiality Examples of Promotion Efforts
1. Create a society in which diverse human resources are engaged and thrive a. Promote diversity
b. Promote work style reforms
c. Human resource development and training emphasizing self-fulfillment
• Implementation of e-learning and training on understanding diversity
• Revise personnel and promotion system that allows active participation regardless of gender or age
• Build an organization with job satisfaction and well-being, and implement measures for psychological safety
• Build and revise system to support voluntary career development, and provide learning opportunities including DX education
2. Create a comfortable society through innovation and d. Promote a safe, convenient social foundation that supports people and society
e. Connect with stakeholders and promote joint activities
f. Reduce environmental impact
• Promotion of social-problem-solving services businesses to achieve sales targets
• Promoting social contribution activities such as calling for participation in volunteer activities, support for people with disabilities, clean-up activities, dispatching lecturers, supporting non-profit organizations, community initiatives, and so on
• Reducing paper and electricity consumption, and reducing GHG emissions at data centers through consolidation, planned switchover to renewable energy, and other measures
3. Create a safe society through high-quality services g. Continuous quality improvement
h. Information security
i. Safeguard personal information
• Improvement activities and PDCA (plan, do, check, act) implementation to achieve enhancement innovation goals
• Activities to strengthen relationships with business partners, such as holding exchange meetings and forums, to increase business partner satisfaction
• Analyzing surveys and implementing improvement measures to increase client satisfaction
• Promoting business continuity planning by conducting disaster preparedness drills and initial response drills to prepare for emergencies
• Conducting e-learning to improve information security and incident response skills, as well as targeted attack e-mail training and incident response training
• Implementing self-inspection of personal information protection, e-learning of the Group’s Code of Conduct, and training on whistleblowing
4. Enhance corporate governance and earn the trust of society j. Corporate governance
k. Compliance
l. Risk management
• Implementing self-assessment questionnaire for business partners
• Implementing training to entrench OUR PHILOSOPHY
• Implementing study sessions to raise the level and awareness of the whistleblower system
• Implementing e-learning on human rights

Relationship between Materiality and Mid-term Management Plan

Based on the materiality, we formulate Mid-term Management Plan and work to realize it through the achievement of Mid-term Management Plan.

Materiality-Related Indicators and Targets in the Medium-Term Management Plan


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