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We are committed to promoting sustainability through our business operations with the aim of realizing a sustainable society and corporate group.

In TIS INTEC Group philosophy, "OUR PHILOSOPHY," the Group expresses its desire to "color the future as a mover using digital technology."

We believe that the word "sustainability" has great significance in our quest to color the future. A future suffering from increasing social problems, such as global warming, international conflicts, and cybercrime, will no longer be brightly colored. A bright and colorful future is one that gives us hope and makes us believe is sustainable.

In pursuit of sustainability, the Group will continue leading the way in resolving social issues, not only through social contribution activities but also through its core business. To this end, we will take a long-term view of the future and, based on the needs we anticipate, make proposals ahead of time and move toward the ideal situation. As long as we make proposals to enhance the sustainability of society, we believe that our stakeholders will appreciate them as valuable in the long run.

In promoting sustainability, we aim to not only practice management that addresses social demands but also contribute to society by offering novel possibilities and options that fascinate society and have the potential to become such new norms.

By enhancing value exchange with our stakeholders, we aim to realize a sustainable and prosperous society and achieved sustainable growth for the Group. We look forward to your continued strong support.

April 1,2024
Yasushi Okamoto
President and Chief Corporate Sustainability Officer


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