The TIS INTEC Group will deepen awareness of its position corporate social responsibility, namely, to contribute to social development through businesses that provide solutions to social issues, and will reinforce initiatives related to corporate sustainability.
As part of this process, we identified materiality (priority issues) and clarified themes that we felt warranted particular attention.

Four themes and materiality

TIS defined four themes and materiality for the TIS INTEC Group, based on social trends, stakeholder expectations, the Group's own characteristics and weight such CSR activities would have on the Group's growth.

Identifying Materiality

Importance Assessment

We assessed the importance of issues from several perspectives, namely, impact on stakeholders, positive influence on the qualities that characterize the Group and contribution to future growth of the Group, and clarified priority themes.

Dialogue with Experts

We held a dialogue with outside experts to determine the appropriateness of our choices for CSR issues to emphasize and our process to assess importance of such issues.

Identifying materiality for the TIS INTEC Group

What do stakeholders expect and require from the TIS INTEC Group in regard to materiality? We welcomed people from the Sustainability Planning & Support Department at Development Bank of Japan Inc., who are involved on the frontlines of environmentally friendly finance in Japan, to participate in a dialogue-style meeting with Masahiko Adachi, TIS' representative director and executive vice president, and Teruaki Akutsu, an executive officer at TIS. This dialogue opportunity provided a venue to exchange opinions on materiality for the Group, the process used to identify such materiality, and policies that will facilitate wider implementation and a higher level of awareness and action going forward.

Advice and expectations presented by Masato Tahara, General Manager, Sustainability Planning & Support Department at Development Bank of Japan Inc.

Masato Tahara, General Manager, Sustainability Planning & Support Department, Development Bank of Japan Inc.

I believe the points of materiality selected at this time represent a well-balanced response to stakeholder expectations, and I give high marks to TIS for the process used to identify issues and the logical approach taken in this pursuit. I also feel that management's efforts to weave materiality into the underlying corporate philosophy and instill a deeper appreciation of materiality at Group companies and in all corporate structures will have positive consequences, including improved motivation among employees. This is a direction that should be actively maintained.
Management has highlighted diversity as an aspect of materiality, and the emphasis on encouraging women to be more active in the workplace is important to diversity, of course. But I believe it is growth of all employees—some 20,000 on a groupwide basis—which TIS already acknowledges are its biggest asset, that is indispensable to growth of the Group. And with this mind, I think it is essential for TIS to reinforce efforts to enhance diversity from an additional perspective—that is, to meet the expectations of society and customers through measures that enable the Group's professional resources—essentially, engineers—to fully demonstrate individuality and inherent capabilities.
Also, for TIS and the TIS INTEC Group to reach new heights, I would suggest that management constantly dig deeper in considering potential business and demand, with a backcasting approach from a long-term social stance. The industry and the times are driven by intense change, notably, technological evolution and innovation. Given the fact that changes are extending to the edges of business domains, management should draw on TIS' strength as an innovator to help find solutions to social issues and enhance its message inside and outside the company.

Materiality and SDGs

The TIS INTEC Group will contribute to the achievement of SDGs through materiality-oriented activities.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

These international goals, running from 2016 to 2030, are described in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted at the U.N. Summit in September 2015. The agenda comprises 17 goals and 169 targets aimed at putting the world on a sustainable path and pledges that no one will be left behind. To achieve these objectives, companies are asked to participate as vital partners through respective core businesses.

Overview of Materiality-Related Efforts

This is an overview of materiality-related efforts undertaken by the TIS INTEC Group.

Realize cashless society

We will provide a convenient, safe and secure structure for everyone who needs payment settlement. We will play a proactive role in forging a cashless society and establishing a vibrant presence that supports inherent social platforms.

Create environment in which employees can fully demonstrate their potential

We will undertake various activities to enhance the work environment and working conditions so that each and every employee can fully demonstrate individual potential.

Meeting needs of society with fewer children and more seniors

We will utilize IoT, robotics and other advances in technology to create various services matched to a new social landscape and diversifying lifestyle choices that parallel increasingly fewer children and more seniors in the demographic composition.

Cooperation with "SDGs Future Cities" project

In Toyama City, selected as part of the Japanese government's "SDGs Future Cities" project, we will cooperate to help realize Toyama's "Compact City Strategy" aimed at realizing a sustainable city that creates added value.

Reduce environmental burden

We will vigorously address environmental issues through our business activities by implementing measures at data centers, offices and other locations.

Improve quality to a level that gives society peace of mind

We recognize the social responsibility inherent in information systems as a social infrastructure and will strive to raise the quality of our services.


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