TIS INTEC Group's Approach to Sustainability Management

Overall Picture of Sustainability Management

Guided by OUR PHILOSOPHY, we are working to improve value exchange with stakeholders by providing solutions to address social issues through business activities and enhancing management practices geared to social demands. We aim to balance contribution to a sustainable society with sustainable improvement in corporate value.

Resolving social issues through business activities

We will expand our services to create both economic and social value based on business opportunities andrisks from global initiatives to realize a sustainable society and enhance corporate sustainability.

For details on the social issues and initiatives that our group will address over the long term, please refer to Solving Social Problems through Our Business.

Equipping Management to Address Social Needs

Our Group is taking various measures to better equip management to focus on ESG to efficiently manage both financial andnon-financial capital and maximize earnings and the provision of value to society in a sustainable manner.

Perspectives in focus

●Data-driven management
We have established a quantitative management system for non-financial information as well as financial capital to ensure that all capitalheld by the Group is efficiently linked to earnings. KPIs for non-financial indicators have been introduced into the Group’s organizationalassessments to strengthen the motivation to promote ESG.
For more information, please refer to Materiality-Related Initiatives and Targets.

●Climate change
Recently, climate change has been having a profound impact on the business environment. As climate change mitigation and adaptation willchange the way society needs to do business, our Group is promoting activities to enhance the sustainability of our business and society by analyzing and appropriately responding to the risks and opportunities for the Group.
For more information, please refer to Environmental Initiatives.

●Human capital
In our business model, we recognize human resources as our most important capital, and we are actively investing in talent to support eachemployee’s new challenges to facilitate business innovation and market creation. We also began to build the capacity of our partnercompanies, starting with the expansion of health management activities.
For more information, please refer to Human Resources Strategy.

●Human rights
The Group is always conscious of whether its corporate activities are having a negative impact on its stakeholders, and aims to conductcorporate activities in such a way as to promote wellbeing among as many people as possible. To this end, we conduct human rights duediligence in line with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, envisage the impact of the Group’s business activities on stakeholders, and endeavor to remedy any potentially negative impacts.
For more information, please refer to Human rights due diligence.

●Contributions to local communities
We aim to create a society in which many people can enjoy the benefits of digital technology by helping those who do not have access todigital technology due to geographical or economic reasons or a lack of education.
For more information, please refer to Regional Contribution.


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