Multi-Stakeholder Policy

In corporate management, it is becoming more and more important to collaborate and co-create with diverse stakeholders, not only shareholders but also employees, business partners, customers, creditors, and local communities. With this in mind, we are committed to collaborating appropriately with our multiple stakeholders. We also strive to properly distributing the earnings and outcomes generated our value creation and productivity improvement activities to multi-stakeholder groups, which will help maintain momentum for wage increases and sustainable economic development. Given the importance of giving back to our employees and in consideration of our business partners, we will engage in the following initiatives.

1. Returning profits to employees

We will concentrate our management resources on businesses that help realize a sustainable society while enhancing the abilities of our employees and the value they provide. In these ways, we will focus on sustainable growth and productivity improvement in order to maximize the added value we provide to society. Based on the earnings and outcomes thus generated, we will then raise wages in an appropriate manner based on our business circumstances in accordance with the Group's "General Principles of Wage Determination ." As part of our comprehensive compensation improvement efforts, meanwhile, we aim to provide sustainable returns to employees by proactively investing in human resources to support their careers and growth and improve their engagement.

When investing in human resources, we focus specifically on increasing engagement in three areas: "work significance," "work environment," and "compensation." In "work significance," we will introduce a personnel system that encourages our diverse employees to engage in autonomous actions. To this end, we will apply the "Must/Will/Can" principle while enhancing education that contributes to the advancement, refinement, and diversification of our human resources. In "working environment," we will provide options for flexible work styles (office spaces, telecommuting/flexible work systems, etc.), create an organization where diverse human resources can work autonomously, and invest in employee health. In "compensation," we are working to raise wages by setting competitive compensation levels and investing heavily in young people, who are the source of growth, and in high-level personnel who will drive our business in the future.
Through proactive investment in human resources, we will promote the growth and value-added enhancement of our human resources and work to improve sustainable value exchanges between employees and the Company.

2. Consideration for business partners

We will continue working to comply with the contents of our "Partnership Building Declaration ."
Registration date for "Partnership Building Declaration"
[October 1, 2021]
"Partnership Building Declaration" website


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