Sustainable Procurement

Policy on Sustainable Procurement

The TIS Intec Group believes that, to effectively fulfill its social responsibilities, it is important to work across the entire supply chain in collaboration not only with Group companies but also with all stakeholders. Our policy on sustainable procurement reflects this belief. We ask our partners and suppliers for their understanding and endorsement of this policy, and for their cooperation in promoting it.

I Fair trade

  1. Complying with laws and regulations
    We shall comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations related to purchasing activities, and we shall not engage in any transactions with anti-social forces.

  2. Selecting suppliers
    When procuring goods and services and selecting contractors, we shall offer fair competition opportunities and make selections in a fair and sincere manner.

  3. Prohibiting inappropriate receipt of profits
    We shall comply with internal rules when receiving gifts and entertainment, and forbid receipt of gifts and entertainment beyond socially accepted norms.

II Human rights and labor

  1. Prohibiting forced labor
    We shall ensure that all employees are hired of their own free will, and we shall not allow employees to participate in forced labor.
  2. Prohibiting inhumane treatment
    We shall respect human rights of employees and prohibit cruel and inhumane treatment, such as abuse or harassment.
  3. Prohibiting child labor
    We shall not hire minors who do not satisfy the minimum employment age requirement, and we shall ensure that minors employed by us do not engage in work that may impair their development.
  4. Prohibiting discrimination
    We shall not discriminate in the hiring and recruitment process, and we shall strive to provide fair and equal opportunities and treatment to all.
  5. Fair wages
    We shall ensure that our employees are paid at least the minimum legal wage, and wages will not be lowered in an unfair manner.
  6. Working hours
    We shall appropriately administer employee working hours, holidays, and breaks so that statutory working hours are not exceeded.
  7. Employees' right to organize
    We shall respect employees' right to organize as a means of pursuing management-labor consultations related to working conditions, wage levels, and the like.

III Health and safety

  1. Workplace safety
    We shall assess workplace safety risks and adopt appropriate workplace layout, engineering, and management measures to ensure safety.
  2. Workplace health
    We shall monitor the potential exposure of workers to harmful biological and chemical substances, as well as loud noises and offensive odors, and we shall adopt appropriate measures accordingly.
  3. Employee health management
    We shall ensure proper health management for all employees.

IV Environment

  1. Environmental management systems
    We shall establish and implement effective environmental management systems. Minimizing environmental impact (such as drainage, sludge, and exhaust ventilation)
    We shall comply with local laws and regulations pertaining to drainage, sludge, exhaust ventilation, and the like, and make further improvements by applying voluntary standards as necessary.
  2. Efficient use of resources and energy (3Rs)
    We shall conserve resources and energy by implementing voluntary standards, and aim for sustainable and efficient use of resources and energy.
  3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    We shall set voluntary targets for reducing green house gas emissions and work to achieve ongoing reductions thereafter.
  4. Reducing waste
    We shall set voluntary targets for reducing the volume of final waste and work to achieve ongoing reductions thereafter.
  5. Disclosure of environmental protection initiatives
    We shall disclose information about our environmental practices and their outcomes as appropriate.

V Fair trade and ethics

  1. Prohibiting fraud and bribery
    We shall maintain sound professional relationships with political and government entities, and we shall not engage in bribery or make political contributions of an illegal nature.

  2. Prohibiting abuse of power
    We shall not misuse our position of power to place suppliers in disadvantageous situations.

  3. Prohibiting anti-competitive practices
    We shall not engage in activities that obstruct fair, transparent, and free competition.

  4. Providing accurate information about products and services
    We shall provide accurate information about our products and services to consumers and customers.

  5. Respecting intellectual property
    We shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

  6. Appropriate export management
    With regard to the export of technologies and goods regulated by law, we shall establish a clear management system and follow appropriate procedures.

  7. Public disclosure of information
    We shall proactively disclose information to stakeholders, whether or not there are legal obligations to do so.

VI Product quality and safety

  1. Guaranteeing product safety
    When undertaking product design, we shall fully satisfy safety standards stipulated by laws and regulations in each country.

  2. Quality management system
    We shall build and operate an effective product quality management system.

VII Information security

  1. Preventing computer network threats
    We shall adopt measures to prevent threats to our computer network, and we shall implement these measures in a way that does not cause injury to our company or others.

  2. Preventing disclosure of personal information
    We shall appropriately manage and safeguard the personal information of customers, third parties, and employees.

  3. Preventing leakage of confidential information about customers and third parties
    We shall appropriately manage and safeguard confidential information received from customers and third parties.

VIII Social contribution

  1. Contributing to society and local communities
    We shall voluntarily contribute to the development of international society and local communities.


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