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In accordance with its basic philosophy, OUR PHILOSOPHY, the TIS INTEC Group aims to achieve its Mission, which is to deploy digital technology “to brightly color the future as a mover.” In addition to providing services that address social issues (CSV promotion), therefore, we actively engage in social contribution activities outside of our business that directly provide enrichment to local communities. By promoting social contribution activities, we will increase the purchasing power of products and services that address social issues and accelerate the virtuous cycle of value exchange between society and the Group.

TIS aims to help create a society in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of digital technology. To this end, we pursue social contribution activities in accordance with the following three themes.

  1. Activities to support future users
    We will engage in support activities to enhance the ability of the next generation to use digital technology.
  2. Activities to promote the benefits of digital technology to society
    By providing infrastructure-building support and the like, we will reduce the number of people who do not have access to services for economic and geographical reasons.
  3. Activities to mitigate the negative impacts of digital technology on society
    We will work to prevent the misuse of digital technologies and help people keep up with changes in such technologies.

TIS interacts with NPOs to identify gaps caused by digital technology and stakeholders who are unlikely to benefit from value exchange through our business activities, such as those listed below, and we prioritize social contribution activities in which such stakeholders are the priority beneficiaries.

  • Minors
  • People who cannot use digital services due to geographical, economic, or technical reasons
  • People who are relatively under-served by social security

Activity example

Digital Transformation Support for NPOs

The Japan NPO Center, a certified specified nonprofit organization, provides a variety of software and services to registered NPOs at a discount of up to 90% through its TechSoup business. With our donations and support, we launched the “TIS x Japan NPO Center and TechSoup Collaborative Project Grant Program & Digital Infrastructure Enhancement Program” in 2022 to further enhance the digital infrastructure of NPOs through TechSoup projects.

Overview of TIS x Japan NPO Center and TechSoup Collaborative Project Grant Program & Digital Infrastructure Enhancement Program
Through the following two programs, we offer financial, technical, and human resource support to NPOs to help them fully utilize the software provided to them through the TechSoup program.

TIS aims to realize a society where all people can enjoy the benefits of digital technology and where there are no disparities caused by such technology. In addition to monetary support, we will provide support through employee volunteers to assist local communities while increasing the value and diversity of our employees as digital human resources.

IT microcomputer programming course for elementary school students

In order to correct educational disparities in IT literacy, we collaborated with Kids Door (certified NPO) and the Chiba University Design Research Institute to hold “Digital IT Microcomputer Programming Course” for elementary school students at Chiba University’s Sumida Satellite Campus from August 22 to 27, 2022. The course gave programming experience to children who would otherwise have little exposure to IT.
Around 20% of participating elementary school students had never used a computer, and more than half had no programming experience. During the course, 53 students gained experience in programming a micro:bit microcontroller to make toys by themselves. In a questionnaire after the course, 94% of respondents said they wanted to do programming again, and 93% said they were interested in IT and programming in the future. We believe that IT has helped them imagine a future where they can fulfill society’s wishes and create a bright future.
TIS will continue engaging in activities to enhance the ability of children, who will lead the next generation, to use digital technologies.

Smile Kids Camp—Supporting Seriously Ill and Disabled Children and Their Families

This traveling event is planned and executed by a committee of volunteers from TIS for children with serious illnesses or disabilities and their families. Employees from TIS INTEC Group companies volunteer their time to staff the event, providing a valuable opportunity to contemplate the real significance of CSR and volunteer activities.

Performances by Friends of Music Society

The TIS INTEC Group Music Club “TIS Intec Group Gakuyukai (Friends of Music Society)”, an official group club consisting of orchestral, brass band, and chorus members, performs community-based activities, such as regular concerts, lunchtime concerts at buildings occupied by Group companies, and performances at nursing homes and other facilities.
Because infection-related measures are now required, we will take on the challenge of sharing and enjoying new forms of art that transcend time and place, such as live distribution using digital technology.

Corporate version of the Japan’s Hometown Tax System

TIS supports the regional revitalization initiatives of local governments approved by the national government by making donations through the corporate version of the Japan’s Hometown Tax System. In fiscal 2021, we made donations to Takizawa City (Iwate Prefecture), Setouchi Town (Kagoshima Prefecture), and Osaka Prefecture.

Internships for university students

We offer internships to university students to support their career designs and provide work experience opportunities. We have offered such opportunities to more than 1,000 students to date.

Team Development Practice Course (2 days): Realistic frontline experience program for systems integrators using systems developed by TIS

This involves repairs of websites (applications). As a preliminary task, we get students to verify the operation of target applications on their own PCs. On the course days, they form teams to actually modify the program on the website.

Business Experience Seminar: Program enabling participants to gain experience in frontline projects that move the world toward a new future (1 day)

To help students learn about the IT industry and understand what business is all about, we provide content, modeled on actual project cases, that gives them the experience of working at a general IT services company. In addition to learning about the traditional system integration business, participants are asked to tackle issues from a professional viewpoint about how they can move society forward, drawing on information about the Company’s own service development business and two different project cases.

Fiscal 2022, ended March 31, 2022: 385 participants

Corporate training for teachers

This program enables teachers to receive various training at private companies during their summer vacations. It is hosted by Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs), an organization of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation). TIS has been participating in the program since 2010 and has welcomed more than 70 teachers so far. The training gives participants a deeper understanding of corporate activities through experiences in such areas as task management and idea generation. The teachers can then use their know-how in education and school management.

Collaboration with university (student development)

We offer a free "Entrepreneurship Concept" course at Keio University. Designed to educate human resources in entrepreneurship, the course includes reviews of entrepreneur/company case studies, lectures on business creation laws, and new business creation experiences. In the future, TIS employees will also participate in the business creation part of the course and collaborate with students. In addition we offer courses at Ritsumeikan University and elsewhere to support student career development.


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