Workstyle Reform

Flexible and diverse workstyles

The ongoing diversification of human resources has drawn attention to the differences in working attitudes of individual employees and in various living and working environments. We aim to create work environments that meet the diverse needs of our employees, enabling them to perform their duties autonomously and discretely while maximizing their abilities as professionals. Our headquarters is working together with other sections of the Group, including offices, infrastructure, and Human Resources SBU, to create environments that encourage flexible and vigorous work.

Regarding work styles, we regularly obtain and analyze questionnaires and employees exchange opinions with management to discuss the direction we should take. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have established their own work styles according to their lifestyles and values. While respecting the diversity of our employees, we strengthen measures responding change of management and issues to continuously revitalize our organization, fostering a culture of collaboration.

<Main reinforcement measures>

  • Communication measures
  • Assuring office diversity
  • Visualization of work styles
  • Human resource programs that adapt to change

Teleworking (no maximum number of telework days; available to all employees)

To increase workplace flexibility, we have established a teleworking system that is accessible to all employees, with no upper limit on the number of days they can work. Through a combination of “teleworking” (location-independent workstyle) and “flextime” (flexible work without core time), employees can work autonomously, free to choose where and when to work.

Our teleworking system, which enables employees to work in remote areas, has been effective in preventing employees from leaving their jobs due to spouse transfers. In the case of such transfers, we allow employees to not only use teleworking but also take temporary leave of absence (up to 3 years).

TIS and AGREX selected as for inclusion in “Top 100 Telework Pioneers”

The Top 100 Telework Pioneers are a select group of companies and organizations recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for generating sufficient success in their efforts to implement and utilize teleworking options. This program was launched in fiscal 2015. In fiscal 2018, TIS was among 36 pioneers newly added to the list.

TIS has made a Telework for Regional Development Action Declaration.
By engaging in the Telework for Regional Development Campaign, we will help resolve the issues of urban concentration and rural decline and create environments where employees can work autonomously and fully demonstrate their individual capabilities.

Flexible workstyles

We offer flexible scheduling options to meet employees’ diverse work-style needs and preferences. Our aim is to increase performance by enabling employees to choose the style of working that best suits them, including flex-time, staggered hours, mid-day pauses, and shorter hours that suit different life stages.

All employees are eligible to use our flex-time system, which has no core hours.

  • Minimum working hours per day: 2 hours
  • Flextime: 5:00–20:00 start; 7:00–22:00 end

●Staggered work hours and mid-day pauses
Depending on personal reasons or conditions related to their work, all employees can set their own start and end times and choose to suspend work temporarily during work hours.

●Shortened working hours
As part of our Life Stage Support Program (supporting work -life balance) and Personal Development Support Program (offering opportunities for varied external experiences), employees can apply to shorten their work hours from the daily required amount (7.5 hours) for a designated period of time, choosing from the following five options.
1) 7hours
2) 6.5hours
3) 6hours
4) 5.5hours
5) 5hours

Annual paid leave and efforts to increase use

Leading a fulfilling life with sufficient hours spent outside of work contributes directly to better work performance. TIS offers the following forms of paid leave to all employees and encourages them to use it.

●Annual paid leave

  • Annual paid leave: 9 days per year
  • Encouraging employees to take annual leave: Target annual leave uptake rate of 85% or more per year, with monthly monitoring of uptake status by organizational unit
  • Hourly leave : Employees can take up to five days (40 hours) of their annual paid leave in hourly increments.

●Refreshment leave:
4 days of special paid leave per year (goal of all employees taking at least 1 day)

●Accumulated leave
Employees can accumulate up to 40 days of unused annual paid leave. They can use this for fertility, childcare, family care, sickness, volunteering, and more.

●Consecutive days off:
Employees are encouraged to take 10 consecutive days off at least once a year, using a combination of annual paid leave and refreshment leave.

●Backup leave
Offered as special leave for when employees have used all their annually leave and need to take off work to treat an illness.

Work interval system (reducing long working hours)

To protect the health of our employees and ensure their continuous and stable concentration and performance, we have clearly stated in our Employment Regulations that employees have intervals of 11 hours or more between work shifts. To highlight the importance of sleep and help employees lead healthy lives, we are working continuously on the following initiatives:

  • Disclosure of interval uptake status and overtime hours for each organization
  • Guidance and correction for managers based on actual work hours (vis-à-vis overtime limit)
  • E-learning program on how to work (aimed at ensuring that each employee correctly understands the purpose of our systems and the importance of self-control)
  • Monitoring employees’ working hours based on objective records (overtime goal of 60 hours or less per month on average for all employees, including managers)

Life stage support

Balancing Diverse Life Stages

We are mindful of the diverse backgrounds and life stages of our employees and respect their work-life balance.
We have help desks dedicated to providing specific support for various needs, including fertility, childbirth, childcare, personal illness, family care, gender identity, and so on.

<Main Systems:Supporting the diversification of employee lifestyles and meeting their needs to continue working with peace of mind for the long run>

<Major initiatives>
●Tackling childcare and work
We help mothers experience a smooth return to work and to continue and build their careers after maternity leave.
We provide an allowance equivalent to a maximum of five days' salary to support the livelihood of employees taking childcare leave.

  • Guidance to all eligible people before maternity leave and when returning to work
  • When returning to work from maternity leave, a three-way interview is conducted between the employee, superior, and human resources.
  • Nursery room and financial assistance for babysitter and sick childcare services
  • Seminars and information to encourage partners to participate in childrearing

●Tackling nursing care and work
To prevent resignations due to sick or elderly family members and to respond to individual needs, we provide information and support related to long-term care and financial assistance for purchasing supplies.

●Tackling illness and work
We strive to provide systems that support an appropriate balance between treatment and work.

  • For employees returning to work after an injury or illness, supervisors, occupational health staff, and HR work together to help them adjust to work life and responsibilities.
  • Distributing “Guide to Balancing Work and Medical Treatment” and providing information
  • Provision of individual support by work-life balance support coordinators
  • Seminars on "Cancer and Work"

■Platinum Kurumin Plus


Office facilities that support diverse workstyles

Even within our offices, we provide a variety of environments. By changing environments, we encourage employees to think, act, change their awareness, and take the initiative. In March 2021, we opened our “X (cross) PORT” office in Toyosu, Tokyo to draw out employees’ initiative and enhance their creativity. The offices of the entire group will be integrated and consolidated under this new concept to support innovative ways of working.

Office concept

Now that teleworking has become widespread, we have positioned the role of our offices as “places where TIS Intec Group employees can interact freely.” In other words, they are places enabling the whole Group to move in the same direction with consistent thoughts. By encouraging mutual inspiration, we aim to help employees create new value and realize the mission of the Group.

Activity and spatial functions

We provide spaces for various purposes so employees can choose where to work based on their own ideas. This enables them to encounter and immerse themselves in new insights, while creating, sharing, and widely disseminating new ideas. Our office designs are well-balanced, with spaces that encourage new creativity and can be utilized according to working situations.

Deploying ICT

We are using to ICT to streamline peripheral operations so employees can concentrate on their work. We are also developing an ICT infrastructure to increase productivity and support value creation.

Health initiatives in the office

Our head office is equipped with a ping-pong table and a “health-keeper” room, along with spaces for employees to relax and refresh. We have also installed a middle staircase so employees can go from floor to floor and move around while working. In addition, we have taken measures to support the health of employees, such as offering healthy menus at our restaurant/cafeteria.

IT environment that accommodates flexible work styles

The IT environment that our employees use regularly is updated daily. This environment enables employees to perform consistently, no matter when and where they work, thus facilitating collaboration among employees.

IT environment used by employees

Dedicated Zero Trust terminals are loaned to employees so they can work in the same IT environment from any physical location. Although a variety of security measures are taken, the terminals can be used in the same way as conventional PCs.

Smartphones are lent to all employees. This allows internal administrative tasks, such as making/receiving phone calls, checking e-mail and schedules, and approving decisions, to be performed quickly and easily, even when away from the office.

Two-factor authentication using biometrics (facial recognition or fingerprint recognition) and passwords is standard when logging in to a PC. It reduces the burden on employees by lowering the frequency of password typing, while still maintaining a high level of security.

Chat and web conferencing environments, easily accessible from anywhere, have been established for use on a daily basis.

We provide an in-house SNS to bring employees who rarely meet in person closer together through communication. It is used for a wide range of purposes, from business and technical matters to private interactions.

Using digital technology to step up work-style reforms

Leveraging our IT environment, which maximizes the value of data, to foster diversification of work styles

We have built a system that centrally collects data dispersed throughout the company. It then correlates, analyzes, and visualizes the data and provides feedback to management and the field, leading to faster growth of the company.
By utilizing data to foster better and more autonomous performances, we aim to support both management and employees.


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