Human Resources Strategy

We link our Human resources strategy to management strategy and actively invest in people.

Human Resource Policy

The TIS INTEC Group sees human resources as our most prized capital. We actively invest in people to help them undertake new challenges that will drive business innovation and market creation.
As expressed in OUR PHILOSOPHY, the TIS INTEC Group aspires to be a "social system driving the pursuit of happiness" by meeting stakeholder expectations and contributing to people's well-being through value exchange. Our goal is for employees to feel motivated to contribute, deliver great results as professionals, and grow alongside the company for the long term.

Message from Officer in Charge of Human Resources

People are an invaluable asset to the TIS INTEC Group. We have always grown our business based on a cycle of building, delivering, and then safely operating high-quality systems and services for our clients. We couldn't do these things without exceptionally talented people. And our HR strategy hinges on the fact that people are the cornerstone to everything we do.

In our HR Strategy, we focused the HR component on "diversification of human resources, sharper skills" and set out to elevate our organization and management so that employees of all backgrounds can harness their own ambitions and ideas to achieve their professional goals. We are developing the systems that will provide new challenges and growth opportunities so that employees resonate with the vision presented by leadership, feel motivated to contribute, and deliver value as professionals. By drawing out the unique qualities and strengths of each person and creating an organization where they can feel the satisfaction of contributing to society through business, we hope to broaden the unlimited potential that IT can offer to society.

Yoshiyuki Hayashi
Director responsible for human resources strategy
Executive Officer and Division Manager of Human Resoueces SBU,TIS Inc.

Human Resources Strategy Overview

Our HR strategy underpins management strategy and is foundational to growth. We are increasing investment in human resources to improve the value we provide through DX services and realize structural transformation as we pursue the medium to long-term management goals outlined in Group Vision2026. This strategy defines the HR portfolio our business goals require and guides efforts to attract and develop exceptional talent and allocate them in dynamic ways to realize those goals. We also strive to improve our HR and compensation programs to encourage diverse leadership, promote diversity and inclusion, and create a company-wide culture that prioritizes well-being.

●Human resources strategy model of the TIS INTEC Group

●Dynamic talent portfolio

Our talent portfolio is a visualization of those targets that should be enhanced in view of the current situation, in relation to special talent*1 tasked with driving structural transformation to realize business and business strategies, as well as the core talent*2 that requires continuous development in each business domain. It determines the number of personnel for each business domain by level based on the definition of the experience and skill required of human resources from a medium- to long-term perspective. We review the portfolio regularly and flexibly in line with changes in the business environment.
Our HR strategy is designed to achieve this talent portfolio, and comprises talent resourcing, talent development, and talent deployment strategies, as well as an sustainable engagement that serves as a common foundation underpinning the active participation of diverse talent. We are also developing an HR digital transformation (HRDX) platform to understand and analyze the implementation status of these various strategies and support their execution.

*1 Executive candidates, DX consultants, business leaders (Account managers, service owners)
*2 Project managers, IT architects, credit card settlement specialists

●Visualization of human resource portfolios using "Career Frame"

TIS has introduced a "Career Frame" effective April 2023 to adapt to the new business model and to create multilayered career paths for employees. Using Career Frame, we will define the human resource requirements, their levels and numbers required to achieve the medium-term goals of the business. We will also identify gaps from the current situation, and promote recruitment,training, and placement for expansion.
Employees utilize Career Frame to chart their medium- to long-term career paths, allowing them to develop expertise in multiple areas and assume the roles required of them. Employees do not limit themselves to one career path, but rather view their careers in several multilayered paths, and seek to improve their own abilities and expertise through education and work experience.

Structure of career frame

Promotion system

Human capital directionality is discussed by the Corporate Sustainability Committee and reported to the Board of Directors. Measures related to human capital are evaluated and deliberated at the Management Committee and reported to the Board of Directors. Group companies plan initiatives following the Group human resources policies and implement them in collaboration with the HR Business Partners in each operating organization. HR Business Partners embed the human resources strategy in ways that fit the environment and challenges of each business. They help execute business strategy by advising on and supporting initiatives ranging from recruiting, developing, and allocating local talent to shaping organizational culture.

●Four functions of the HR organization

The TIS INTEC Group has four functions for efficient human capital management.

  • HR strategy development function
    We create the Group's talent portfolio to ensure better alignment between business strategies and HR strategy. We develop the policy for HR strategy as a whole, plan HR-related measures, and communicate these to Group company HR divisions.
  • HR Business Partner function
    We analyze the requirements of personnel needed to execute business strategies with the aim of sharpening and upskilling human resources from a medium- to long-term perspective. Business and organizational issues are shared with senior business executives to provide support for securing, developing, and assigning human resources in line with the business environment and issues and for reforming organizational culture and realizing business strategies.
  • HR service provision function
    We design and provide employees with HR services (recruitment, assignment, evaluation, promotion, labor management, benefits, etc.) pursuant to the HR strategy.
  • HRDX platform development function
    We develop a platform for the digital transformation of HR management and for gathering, managing, and analyzing HR data, to support HR strategy-related decision-making.

●Collaboration among HR Business Partners and SBUs

  • The skill levels, areas of expertise, and number of personnel required to execute each strategic domain are analyzed using career frames*3 to create human resources portfolios based on the current situation. We conduct periodic reviews based on actual performance and expand our human resources taking a medium- to long-term perspective.
  • In terms of human resource development, recruitment, appointment, and assignment, senior executives and HR business partners (HRBPs) share business and organizational issues and work through a cycle of activities aimed at achieving business goals.

*3. We will highlight the human resources needed and the level required as a company to realize medium- to long-term business strategies.

●HRDX supporting the human resources strategy participation

  • TIS has begun to develop an HRDX platform to measure the results of its human resource strategies and visualize the value of its human resources. Through HR reports and our Talent Management System (TMS)*4, we support the execution of data-driven management strategies and the autonomous career development of each employee.

*4.HR Reports:Monitoring performance indicators, supporting data-driven decision making
Talent Management System (TMS):Supporting employees' autonomous career development by integrating human resource portfolios and employee career plans

Personnel investment

We focus HR investment on four areas: recruitment, development, environment, and compensation.
We regard meaningful work, the work environment, and compensation as critical elements in securing personnel with high market value and personnel with diverse experience and expertise, particularly in terms of realizing a virtuous cycle of value exchange between employees and the Company.
In fiscal 2024, as further upfront investment in employees, we raised the base salary level for all employees and revised our personnel and compensation systems to encourage the early selection and promotion of the high-level personnel and young employees who will drive our business forward, providing support for self-directed career development. This will enable us to promote personal development and secure more top talent.

●Attractive employment compensation

  • Top-level compensation as viewed from the market
  • Focused investment in high-level personnel who will drive our business forward
  • Focused investment in young personnel to enhance our recruiting power

●Providing growth opportunities, developing better career programs, and improving the meaning the substance of work

  • Providing a large ecosystem for advancing in and changing careers
  • Increasing training budget and time per employee
  • Providing growth opportunities in and outside the company

●Comfortable and energizing working environment

  • Developing the working environment and offering flexible work-style options
  • Providing programs to enhance employee vitality and focus
  • Developing culture of high psychological safety
  • Maximizing overlapping targets of company and employees, and building system and framework to make work more meaningful for employees
  • Providing benefits tailored to employee needs

●Leveling-up the recruiting processes

  • Strengthening employer branding
  • Attracting talent with high market value, diverse experience, and expertise

Human resources data

We disclose the following non-financial data as indicators of our HR strategy performance.

As performance indicators for our human resource strategy, we set targets for the seven*5 major Group companies and are monitoring their progress. The results of such monitoring are reported to management to ensure shared understanding of issues related to human resources and refine our human resource strategy.

*5 TIS, INTEC, AGREX, QUALICA, AJS, TIS Solution Link, and TIS System Service


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