Quality, Productivity, and Technological Power

Quality and Productivity

Standardization and Institutionalization

Standardization of Requirements Definition Processes

As demands for IT systems become more advanced and complex, so does the importance of the requirements definition phase of the upstream process. At TIS, we use a unique requirements definition framework based on the Requirements Engineering Body Of Knowledge (REBOK) approach and collate customer requests in a rational manner to arrive at optimal requirements.

Test Plan Guidelines

Software test process is a series of activities practiced to ensure product quality, by verifying that the system under development meets all the functional and performance requirements. At TIS, we provide detailed test planning for the entire software development life cycle, from module testing to system testing, following the test plan guidelines based on a rich knowledge base.

ITIL-based Operational and Maintenance Framework

At TIS, we are committed to continuous service improvement while putting together ideas to provide attractive services in operation, maintenance, and enhanced development into our Trinity Enhancement Framework. By making use of this framework, our Service Managers deliver valuable services that place top priority on customers' business success.

Company-wide Standardization of Development Processes

To achieve the highly reliable TIS Quality standards, we strive for company-wide standardization of development processes for all products. The implementation of standard procedures and document format for each process enables us to maintain high quality standards while avoiding individual biases.

Standardization of Project Management Methods

TIS's VeiiNus framework embodies our knowledge and experience accumulated in the field of project management and reflects our commitment to continuous improvement of management quality. This framework helps our Project Managers upgrade their skills—including planning, progress management, problem management, and instructions for project members—and run projects smoothly.

Third-Party Risk Assessment

For early identification and prevention of risks in each project, we have third-party assessment and monitoring systems. In the case of large projects, we combine multiple systems—project status visualization by an assessment committee (whose members include company executives), technical architect reviews, and so forth—in order to increase project control. Also, for small and medium-sized projects, organizational process audits and/or architect reviews are performed by departments/divisions.

Security Audit before delivery of System and Service

We deliver systems and managed services with strict security audits enforced to ensure compliance with TIS's quality and security standards. Our internal audit department, Secure One Center, performs source code inspections for web applications, as well as penetration testing services to ensure that only qualified products are delivered to customers and thus guarantee high quality and security standards.

System Development Platforms

Robust Java Application Development

Nablarch is a web application development/execution platform that encapsulates TIS's knowledge in the financial and credit card industries. Using Nablarch as a standard framework for all processes, from requirements definition to system maintenance, enables web applications to be used with exceptional quality, safety, and reliability.

Cloud-based Development Environment

Collaborage is a cloud-based development tool with excellent agility and flexibility that comes with various tools, such as chat tool and code analysis tool. It enables team members to interact smoothly and respond quickly to customer feedback.

Kaizen Activities

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every year, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey in order to obtain feedback about our activities aimed at becoming a business partner that contributes to customers' business growth. Feedback has revealed strong satisfaction with our serious and sincere support, quality of service, and onsite responsiveness, although some respondents requested more active involvement in proposals and information provision. Through these activities, we will continue obtaining customer feedback to enhance our contribution as a business partner.

Technological Power (Knowledge)

Industry and Business Knowledge

Financial Service Sector

With more than 45 years of experience in the financial services sector, TIS has an impressive track record in providing business systems for major credit card companies, as well as banks, insurance companies, securities firms, and leasing companies. The payment service business, one of our strengths, has seen rapid growth in service-driven solutions that allow banks to issue debit cards to depositors. Going forward, we will embrace new payment methods, such as QR code and near-field communication (NFC), to increase our leadership position in the cashless era.

Public Sector

We are working on a number of systems that will serve as living-support infrastructure. These include disaster management information systems and local tax electronic filing systems for municipalities and government offices that operate nationwide. In addition, TIS supports the creation of safe and secure social infrastructure, including housing loan management systems for government-affiliated financial institutions, as well as systems for electricity, gas, and water supply.

Industry Sector

We provide solutions tailored to industry-specific requirements by utilizing business knowledge we have accumulated across multiple industries. These include manufacturing, logistics, services, food, telecommunications, and medical care. In addition, we help customers expand their businesses by making proposals that leverage our strengths, for example, by establishing an ERP-centered global accounting platform or strengthening customer contacts via digital marketing.


Blockchain, the fundamental platform technology behind crypto currencies, is a technology that ensures reliability by distributing transaction records to multiple computers, while allowing them to monitor each other. In addition to its own basic technology research, TIS is also working to create innovations through a capital and business alliance with U.S. blockchain developer R3, alliances with startups that provide sharing services using blockchain technologies, and so forth.

AI and Robots

Our AI service division embodies the knowledge and expertise we have gained and developed since the early 2000s in fields spanning machine learning, natural language processing, and other peripheral technologies. The division proposes plans and supports installation of AI business systems. We also focus our resources on R&D for the proprietary chat bot technology that helps streamline and automate customer services, as well as for cloud backend systems that coordinate the actions of multiple service robots.


Robotic process automation (RPA), which is used to automate routine white-collar tasks, is expected to be an effective tool to address labor shortages, reduce overtime, and so on. Leveraging its abundant knowledge about manufacturing business processes and various RPA products at home and abroad, TIS has a top-class track record in RPA implementation support among domestic system integrators.


In this era, when manufacturing is being transformed by IoT technologies, TIS uses its rich experience in the manufacturing industry to provide comprehensive IoT solutions that meet customers' needs. We offer a full spectrum of support services, ranging from the setup of edge computing systems consisting of sensors and IoT gateways, connection to existing business systems, and data storage and analytics on cloud and/or on premise, to data visualization on dashboard.


DevOps is a method driven by agile software development to bring development and operations close together and reduce release cycle time. TIS provides a cloud-based virtual platform for DevOps development that fully mirrors the functionalities of physical devices (firewalls, routers, and the like) in real-life environments. Advanced verification capability with the virtual platform enables developers to build, test, and release software faster.

Business Partners

TIS works with hundreds of domestic business partners, including core partners, in order to secure stable human resources. We are building relationships of trust with these partners, while trying to enhance each other's productivity and service quality by sharing the management policies of TIS, information exchanges, and face-to-face communications at networking events. We have a support system for onsite project teams to drive projects by sharing partners' information and providing matching services to link them optimally, according to their needs.

Partner Code of Conduct

We ensure that our business partners comply thoroughly with TIS's information security policy and compliance rules. To ensure that every partner has the same policies in place, we hold regular meetings to explain our system development and operation rules, as well as appropriate morals and manners.

Securing Stable Human Resources

We work closely with offshore system development companies to access a pool of high-quality human resources, which enables rapid low-cost development, while maintaining reliable TIS quality. Particularly in China, we have a system that gives us priority assignment of skilled engineers through business partnerships with large offshore development companies that have a wealth of experience in Japanese projects.

Security Audit

Secure One Center, our internal security audit department, audits offshore development companies every six months to ensure equal or better quality of information security than that of Japan. In its audits, the department investigates potential information leakages to identify paths, audit logs, and so forth. Should a problem be found, TIS and offshore development companies would work jointly on measures to secure the development environment.

Service Managers

Our Service Managers are responsible for managing all projects, from enhanced development to maintenance and operation, as well as providing attractive products and services to customers. They aim to improve customer satisfaction as leaders in providing high service quality in ever-changing business environments. TIS works to foster talented human resources through ongoing participation in working groups, where participants would understand the role of Service Managers and acquire the required skills.

IT Architects

Our IT Architects play a role in providing technical support to develop systems that meet customers' needs, ranging from selection, design, and construction of optimal platforms to development process design and testing. At TIS, we conduct ongoing training for technical engineers to develop highly qualified IT Architects.


Our Fellows are IT specialists at the pinnacle of technical excellence in TIS. With their exceptional knowledge and expertise gained through R&D activities, they swiftly propose and provide optimal solutions incorporating the latest technologies to customers. They also play a leading role in creating new markets by disseminating technical information widely to experts inside and outside the company.

Project Managers

At TIS, we work to improve the capabilities of all our Project Managers in a number of ways, including practical training using case studies and role-playing, as well as management skills training dedicated to large-scale projects.

Sharing Best Practices

Seeking to improve quality and productivity, we conduct opinion exchanges and debrief meetings to ensure that creative practices developed by onsite development, operation, and maintenance teams are shared throughout the company. The best practices shared are used for failure prevention and service quality improvements. This system continues to evolve with the addition of new practices.

Sharing Development Know-How

By documenting and sharing the agile development know-how and case examples from each department, we are working to improve our development skills in a way that reflects customers' requests promptly. In addition, to facilitate know-how sharing we have a technical support and Q&A site for employees called Canal, through which in-house experts respond to technical questions.


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