Group Code of Conduct

1. Basic stance

  • We will fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen by complying with applicable national and regional laws and regulations as well as internal rules and by acting in accordance with social norms and corporate ethics, with the aim of becoming a corporate group that continuously grows by winning the trust of all its stakeholders.

2. Providing high-quality services

  • We will always act from the standpoint of customers, striving to increase their satisfaction by providing the best products and services.
  • We will build a quality management system in provision of products and services, striving to improve technical capabilities for excellent quality as well as creative and optimal functions

3. Conducting business with fairness

(1) Fair competition

  • We will comply with national and regional laws and regulations on fair competition, striving for free and fair competition.
  • We will build good relationships with our business partners, striving to maintain and improve mutual understanding and building relationships of trust from a long-term perspective as well as to practice sincere and fair transactions.

(2) Entertainment / gift and political donations / donating activities

  • We will provide or receive entertainment or gifts only within the bounds of common sense to ensure fair transactions and competition.
  • We will not provide any money, entertainment or gift to officials of governments within and outside the country, local municipalities or other public institutions (including those equivalent to public officials) to obtain benefits unfairly.
  • We will make political and other contributions only after thorough consideration of their necessity and validity in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and internal rules.

(3) Appropriate usage and control of company assets, blocking relationships with antisocial groups

  • We will manage tangible and intangible corporate assets properly and use them for business purposes only.
  • We will record and report our finance and accounting in a fair and proper manner in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and internal rules.
  • We will take a firm stance against anti-social forces who threaten the order and safety of civic society and disassociate from them completely.

4. Relationship with society

  • We will ensure the accurate management information of TIS INTEC Group in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules, striving to disclose it to shareholders and investors in a timely and fair manner.
  • We will not trade stocks using non-public information of TIS INTEC Group, customers or business partners. Nor will we provide such information to other parties.

5. Information management

  • We will manage confidential information of TIS INTEC Group, customers and business partners properly.
  • We will make efforts to prevent the leakage of information, being aware of the importance of information security.

6. Respecting and valuing intellectual property rights

  • We will properly protect inventions and other works from our business activities as intellectual property, striving to use them actively.
  • We will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and not infringe them.

7. Respecting human rights

  • We will always respect basic human rights in all of our corporate activities.
  • We will pay an effort not to infringe individual rights by respecting privacy and complying with laws and regulations on personal information.
  • We will not permit child labor or forced labor in any country or region.

8. Respecting diversity

  • We will take measures to prevent unfair treatment and discrimination at workplaces, having respect for diversity including race, nationality, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, birthplace, physical/mental disability, illness and other characteristics.

9. Maintaining healthy work environment

  • We will comply with labor-related national and regional laws and regulations, striving to build a safe and comfortable workplace environment.
  • We will respect the diversity of employees, striving to build workplaces where each person can feel fulfilled at work.

10. Respecting employees

  • We will respect the individuality of each person in workplaces while striving to build a corporate culture that encourages employees to think outside the box and to take on new challenges without fear of failure.
  • We will always strive to improve ourselves so as to perform to our full potential.

11. Protecting the environment

  • With a constant interest in environmental protection, we will make efforts to conserve resources and cut energy use as well as reducing waste.
  • We will engage in business activities that take account of biodiversity conservation and recycling of resources.

12. Contributing to society

  • We will strive to actively contribute to solutions to social problems through business activities.

  • We will strive to actively contribute to society through various initiatives including: assisting local communities,contributing to the international community and conducting social activities for the environment.

13. Respecting cultures/customs and complying with laws/regulations in different countries/regions

  • In our business activities, we will strive to understand and respect the cultures and customs in different countries and regions.

  • We will comply with all applicable national and regional laws and regulations, and not engage in unfair business transactions.

Supplementary Provisions

System to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct

  • Officers of TIS INTEC Group companies shall take the initiative in complying with the Code while also communicating it to all employees (note) and ensuring the compliance repeatedly through education.
  • If employees have found any violation of relevant laws or regulations or improper activities, please immediately report it to a supervisor or the internal contact point.
  • TIS INTEC Group companies will not give any disadvantageous treatment to those who reported the matter in accordance with internal reporting system, except when the report is malicious slander or defamation.
  • When the Code is violated, measures shall be taken to promptly find causes and to prevent reoccurrence. When necessary, disciplinary actions may be taken in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, rules for executive officers and work rules.

Operational structure

  • Board of Directors of TIS Inc. makes decisions regarding establishment, revision and abolition of the Code.
  • The responsible department for the Code is Compliance Management Department, Corporate Management SBU, TIS Inc.

Note: Employees include temporary ones such as part-time, contracted, seconded and dispatched workers.


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