Leveraging Human Resources


Recruiting diverse talent

The TIS INTEC Group aspires to achieve a state in our business management we call “diversity fusion.” This state happens when employees resonate with the company’s purpose and make the most of their uniqueness and strengths to grow and create innovation together.
The world today is undergoing rapid technological innovation and structural disruption of entire industries. Companies must not only be profitable but also address societal challenges. To respond to these changes in the external environment, and to leverage such change for sustainable business growth, the TIS INTEC Group recruits talent across a range of backgrounds, including gender, age, race, ethnicity, and nationality.

In the recruiting and hiring process, we respect the basic human rights of applicants and practice a fair selection process to ensure equal opportunity. We prohibit child labour and forced labour, and comply with minimum wage requirements in accordance with the law.

New graduate recruitment

For employees to make the most of their uniqueness and strengths and realize our mission “to brightly color the future,” we believe it is crucial that all employees resonate with OUR PHILOSOPHY and corporate purpose and become aligned to common goals.
When recruiting university graduates, we strive to hire people who resonate with our philosophy and culture and can realize their full potential with us. To this end, we have increased the number of occasions for dialogue between candidates and the interviewers and hiring staff to focus on reaching a shared understanding between company and students. We have also introduced year-round hiring and internships to better position ourselves for acquiring talent with high-level expertise in cutting-edge technology, data science, and other fields.
To promote success after joining the company, we visualize the status and characteristics of each employee and employ tools for managing them in ways best suited to their needs and circumstances. We monitor their morale, provide timely care in their new role, and support their integration through HR.

Mid-career recruitment

We practice targeted recruiting for two types of talent: special talent tasked with driving structural transformation and core talent that require continuous development in each business domain. We do this by identifying the requirements of each talent type and organizing recruitment initiatives by talent level. Meanwhile, operating organizations, HR Business Partners, and the HR division work together to align our medium to long-term talent portfolio plans with short-term recruiting demands for each business segment.
In the recruiting process, we focus on hiring talent that bring diversity to our teams and will work well with us over the long run. We assign roles and growth opportunities appropriate for each person, taking care to match their career vision and competencies to their role and responsibilities and the culture of their assigned workplace.
We are also increasing onboarding and integration support by holding career discussions and introducing tools that help managers visualize the status and characteristics of each employee. Business units work with HR and HR Business Partners to support employees in their job success.

Alumni recruitment

TIS launched an alumni network in March 2021. The goals of the network are to tap the knowledge of alumni who have gained experience at other companies, promote collaboration, and harness these relationships for creating new businesses and services. We are also using the network to proactively rehire staff who left us due to family circumstances, career ambitions, and other reasons, enhancing our pool of experienced professionals.

Personnel Development

Group human resource development policy

The TIS INTEC Group actively invests in its people, recognizing them to be the most valuable resource for the growth of our business over the medium to long-term.
We practice a dual approach for developing autonomous professionals: professional development for building a talent portfolio strategically linked to our business portfolio, and self-directed career support for advancing each employee’s goals.

Group education

We are strengthening Group-wide education to increase the value of our human resources and streamline training operations across the Group.
Training for core skill domains such as DX, consulting, project management, and engineering are conducted at the Group level. For common competencies required across all roles (i.e., business skills), we are working to level-up the entire Group by developing a Group education system and presenting it as universal Group training.
We now have more than 80 courses in our Group-wide training curriculum.

To foster a culture of collective learning, we also hold Waku School online study sessions as a forum for employees to communicate and share their wealth of knowledge and experience with each other as “TIS INTEC Group insights.” We also host technical lectures taught by experienced professionals as well as panel discussions for employees at all levels to share from their own careers and work-styles.

<Group training>

TIS training system

The TIS INTEC Group talent development system is a curriculum for building skills relevant to all organizations across the Group.
In addition to conventional learning, where employees acquire requisite work skills, we also encourage employees to collect information, gain new experience, and do research that could contribute to the development of new businesses and services. We invest around 12 days’ worth of these learning and research activities into every employee to support their development.

Head-office entities present their talent development program to employees as a training system that combines competency elements with the methods (training) for acquiring them. Competency elements consist of instruction combined with the setting for applying learnings. This approach allows even entry-level employees to identify the competencies they will need in the future and learn from the strengths of nearby seniors.
We are also investing more to expand DX training and develop special talent tasked with driving structural transformation (DX consultants, business leaders), in addition to focusing more on project management skills development, agile training, and service management training.
In 2023, we started the Plus One education program, in which students acquire new ("plus one") knowledge and skills in addition to learning about their own work responsibilities. Participants can choose from six subjects (data analysis, consulting, business creation, UX design, security, and agility) that will become their basic skill set for the future. Our aim is to help employees build a multilayered career for their future and support their autonomous growth and value creation.

<TIS training system>

Developing leaders

To produce a continuous pipeline of executive and managerial talent, we provide opportunities for honing the sensibilities and judgment necessary for managing a company or business and developing insights through experience, as well as opportunities for learning directly from executives and managers inside and outside the company.

Developing DX talent

To drive improvements in the value provided by DX services, we are focused on promoting co-creation with stakeholders and strengthening our DX consulting function.
We are working to strengthen DX-related expertise by providing opportunities to learn the thinking and skills necessary for enhancing DX service value in both the DX business and digital domains.

<DX education system>

Developing special talent tasked with driving structural transformation

We provide programs for developing business leaders (account managers, service owners) and DX consultants as special talent tasked with accelerating structural transformation through the value provided by DX. To increase the number of candidates for these roles, we work with relevant operating organizations to add new education programs based on Group-wide needs.

Development of Global Talent

To implement the Group's global strategy, which is spearheaded by TIS, we are working to attract a diversity of foreign personnel. To this end, we have formed alliances with top-class IT companies in Southeast Asia, and we also promote the hiring and advancement of local personnel at our overseas subsidiaries. TIS personnel and local Group employees work in unison to manage our businesses, and people of diverse nationalities play active roles.
In Japan, TIS hires talented people regardless of nationality. To address the global expansion of our business, we are working to improve employees' skills by providing programs tailored to different levels. These include self-development support for individuals to improve their basic English skills, as well as Global Business Training for advanced employees.

Self-directed career building

To empower employees to work autonomously and maximize their value as professionals, we have created a system in which employees think deeply about their careers and we support their career plans as a company.

●Career design training
This training is offered to employees at milestone age ranges (early 20s/late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 55) to support them in setting long-term career goals and exploring ways to achieve them.

●Career planning worksheet and career discussions
All TIS INTEC Group employees fill out a career planning worksheet and meet with their supervisor once a year to take stock of their career and think deeply about their career plans. They also engage in career-related discussions on a day-to-day basis through 1-on-1s with supervisors.
The HR division analyzes these career planning worksheets and sends feedback to each organization to inform job transfers and support career success.

●Supporting career success
In our Career Counseling Service  , certified career consultants in the HR division provide individualized guidance to employees who are unable to resolve their career concerns through training and 1-on-1 meetings. We also support operating organizations in their organizational capacity to provide career support, such as by offering a career discussion seminar for supervisors.

<TIS career building support system>

Performance Development Focused on Each Person

We recommend that managers at every organization have a weekly one-on-one meeting with each of their teammates as a foundation for communicating within the organization.
The objective of these meetings is to accelerate employee growth and improve performance. Managers guide and encourage their team members to make observations and take initiative so they can learn, think, and operate on their own. The meetings provide precious time for managers and team members to have a forward-looking discussion about professional development, career goals, and work motivation. They also help fill in communication gaps in a remote work environment.
To continually improve the quality of one-on-one communication, we provide active learning for all managers, publish a newsletter on effective methods, and take advantage of new support tools.

360-Degree Evaluations

We have introduced 360-degree evaluations whereby officers, managers, and high-end professionals receive feedback from everyone they interact with in their role to help them reflect on themselves, grow, and improve their management skills.

Dynamic talent allocation

To realize our medium to long-term business portfolio, we conduct talent analysis and allocation planning, and also reallocate talent and promote reskilling in preparation for our future business portfolio. For high-priority managerial positions in particular, we periodically rotate executive candidates to provide opportunities for growing through experience. We have also created a system in which all employees talk with supervisors about their career vision and take steps to achieve it through rotations and varied work experiences.

Talent exchange within the Group

We practice seconding across business domains and head-office entities to enhance the social value creation potential of the entire TIS INTEC Group. This promotes awareness of the Group as a unified operation and helps to broaden human networks and perspectives.

Job posting system

Our job posting system supports employees in their voluntary career development and encourages them to take on new challenges outside their domain of expertise.
Nearly all organizational units at TIS post jobs semi-annually, and all employees except for managers (general manager and above) and those in their first year can take advantage of these opportunities to broaden to field of activity.

Providing varied work experience opportunities at TIS

By increasing the company-driven flow of talent deployment, we accelerate employee growth through varied work experiences and achieve more effective talent allocation.

●Rotation policy
1.Provide opportunities to experience at least three job roles within the first 10 years of work
2.When employees up to mid-management level have been doing the same work*1 for five years or more, consider a role change within one year
*1 Work: Organization, customer, work domain, project, role, etc.

Encouraging varied experience outside TIS

We recommend that employees step outside the walls of the TIS INTEC Group and gain varied experiences that promote career autonomy and personal growth. We created a Personal Development Support Program in which we help employees gain professional knowledge through varied experiences not found within the TIS INTEC Group and broaden mindsets and enhance perceptiveness to social change through interacting with the values of people from other backgrounds.

●Overview of Personal Development Support Program
1.Allows all employees to participate in eligible external activities
2.After submitting an application, employees can choose from hourly leave, daily leave, or sabbatical.

*2 Eligible external activities: Side business, education (higher education, vocational training, research and industry associations, etc.), and community service


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