Engagement Strategy

We are developing both our people and our organization so they can overcome difficulty, create new value, and "make society's wishes come true through IT," the TIS INTEC Group's corporate purpose. We aspire to create a culture that engages with society, takes on new challenges, and drives change. We are doing this by focusing on motivation, understanding who our people are, and drawing out the full, unique potential of every individual.

Sustainable engagement to enhance value exchange between employees and the Company

The Group have positioned “sustainable engagement” as the cornerstone of our human resources strategy. By providing employees with compensation, development support, opportunities and HR services that are commensurate with their value, companies can motivate them to contribute and achieve more professionally.

We also considers “diversity fusion” as one of the states that management should aim for. We aim to increase engagement and create innovation by ensuring that every employee is invested in the meaning of corporate activities (our purpose) and that all employees continue to demonstrate their strengths and grow within the organization.

Employee Awareness Survey

Since fiscal 2016, ended March 31, 2016, TIS has conducted an annual awareness survey to identify employee job motivation. In addition to incorporating themes related to job satisfaction and fostering a good corporate culture into the management plans of each frontline organization, we have set “trust in management” as an evaluation indicator for executives and are taking steps to enhance their effectiveness. As a result, the percentage of employees who responded that their work is motivating and that management is trustworthy has improved significantly. In fiscal March 2020, we expanded the survey to cover seven major Group companies, and we aim to have more than 50% of employees at each Group company (70% at TIS) feel that their work is motivating by fiscal 2024. To this end, we are working to enhance working environment, systems, and measures while sharing effective initiatives across the entire Group.

Employee awareness survey Changes in results Graph

Note:The survey is outsourced to an external organization. Aggregate results are presented as a percentage, reflecting the ratio of respondents whose answers were positive, that is, they selected “4. Often applies” or “5. Almost always applies” in a five-point rating scale.

Selected for "Great Place to Work" certification

Based on the results of surveys of workers, the Great Place to Work® Institute Japan officially recognizes companies for "Great Place to Work" certification based on their excellent workplace culture.
TIS was selected for "Great Place to Work" certification based on the results of a survey conducted in December 2023.

Organizational development based on the engagement survey

We regularly conduct employee awareness surveys, organizational health surveys, and questionnaires. Based on the data collected , we have taken measures to increase employee engagement. Now that working environment, workstyle options, and other well-being factors are in place, we have shifted efforts toward strengthening motivational factors.
Local management, HR Business Partners, and organizational development professionals are all working together to carry out initiatives tailored to each organization and business and drive results. These include cultivating psychological safety, enhancing employee vitality, and improving business processes.

The state of the target organization

Developing an organizational culture with a high level of psychological safety

Psychological safety is an essential element for increasing productivity in knowledge-intensive work and creating a better work environment. With this in mind, TIS launched the Kaika Project in fiscal 2022.
The aim of the project is to encourage each and every individual to share his/her opinions and wishes freely and create the team best able to consistently achieve unprecedented outcomes.
The Japanese word kaika contains two characters: kai (opening), which means creating business results, and ka (blossoming), which means teams and members demonstrating their abilities.
We are working to expand the Kaika Project, which is based on three initiatives—creating opportunities for learning, creating opportunities for experience, and cross-lateral deployment of information—throughout TIS and to other Group companies.

Personnel System and Compensation System

Employees who are professionally independent will chart their own careers, grow, and provide value to society through our business.
In addition, we have a system of evaluating and compensating employees according to the value they provide. This serves as a growth engine for the Company and its employees.
We place importance on encouraging individual employees to understand the direction of the Company and set their own goals. At the same time, we are working continuously to evaluate employees fairly and improve compensation according to the value they provide.

Human resources system that encourages independent action and realizes higher level of performance from the workforce

TIS introduced a new HR system, effective April 2023.Under the new HR system, we encourage employee growth and work toward a higher level of performance from our workforce by recognizing actions characteristic of independent professionals who provide value and embody the Group's basic philosophy, OUR PHILOSOPHY.
In addition, we introduced the "Must/Will/Can Framework" as a management platform based on OUR PHILOSOPHY to improve value exchange between company and employees. We will work toward becoming a company where employees feel fulfillment and growth and can play an active role while encouraging them to embrace our corporate philosophy and direction and expanding the overlap of corporate goals and what each individual wishes to accomplish.
Each Group company will align its approach to goal-setting and performance evaluation, based on underlying concepts inherent in the new HR system, while taking respective business characteristics into consideration .

Evaluation System

To evaluate and reward employees according to diverse performance results, we undertake all evaluations in absolute terms, based on two evaluation measures—individual performance and OUR PHILOSOPHY competency. In addition, we help employees demonstrate their performance potential and develop capabilities and move their careers forward through regular dialogue, and raise the point of accuracy in reaching targets and promote a greater sense of job satisfaction by recognizing efforts through evaluation of performance.

●Individual performance
To give relevance to organizational targets and link them to the actions of individuals, Must/Will/Can components are compared and adjusted with superiors every six months, targets to achieve are set, and the degree of progress that each individual makes toward these targets is evaluated.
The evaluation scale is set, separating processes from individual results, and way in which an individual approached a challenge not just the degree of success achieved is evaluated. This provides added encouragement to pursue challenges.
●OUR PHILOSOPHY competency
To encourage actions underpinned by OUR PHILOSOPHY, deepen awareness of inherent concepts and have these ideas take root in the minds of employees, we tapped the performance—the actions—expected of individuals at each career level as a component of the evaluation matrix for OUR PHILOSOPHY competency, and we evaluate notable performance.

Ranking system

Seeking people with not only management skills but also a higher level of professional qualities, we maintain a grade structure. We clarify the expected roles necessary at each grade and use this as the basis for fair and equitable evaluations and treatment based on ability, irrespective of age, gender, workstyle or hours worked. Management positions (operating division and department managers) are job grades, and we stipulating personnel requirements for each position to facilitate the training, assignment and hiring of people for management positions.

Compensation System

To improve value exchange between employees and company, we reward employees for high levels of value delivery and contribution in light of external benchmarks. We reflect individual performance and OUR PHILOSOPHY competency evaluations in salary changes and provide compensation commensurate with each employee's contribution and value delivery. Going forward, we will continue to set competitive compensation benchmarks and emphasize upfront investment in human resources, particularly careful investment into the young segment of our personnel population, as these employees are the source of growth, as well as human resources with high-level capabilities to drive business forward. This will promote the growth of human resources and improve added value as we strive to achieve a sustained improvement in value exchange between employees and company.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

For TIS INTEC Group employees, we have introduced Employee Stock Ownership Incentive Plan.
This plan is for adding incentive to TIS INTEC Group's medium-to-long-term enhanced corporate value, improved welfare program, and to encourage constant growth in The TIS INTEC Group through employees' higher morale by equity participation.
This incentive plan is intended for all employees joined in "Employees’ Shareholding Association of TIS INTEC Group".


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